What the...

Check this out. The is one of Oneula’s earliest creations with Home Depot/Lowes EPS foam. This was back when CDP was still teaching us how to make the wood skinned boards. I liked riding it, but Oneula eventually gave this board away.


with the amount of good will and aloha that goes into your guy’s boards, that

seems pretty dirty to me…

Was this Nash the guy that got it for free or a third party?

At least he posted his name and cell number…

When did Onuela open a surf shop?

It was for posted sale on craigslist for $895 earlier with some crazy story about how they were worth $1500-$2000 with a two year wait and how this had been mounted on a surfshop some where for display… Basically all lies. Jeff knows cause I sent him the link which is gone now when I first saw it. My jaw did drop with the audacity of it all

I think this is the new owner cause the earlier post came from the manoa area.

The unfortunate part is that it was one of our first experiments using that 1/42" sauders wood veneer stuff you can get at woodcraft. the bottom was mahogany and the top was beech and bamboo weave. The tail block was made from this trick CMP showed us about gluing up 1/4" balsa panels with colored construction paper to create a rainbow effect when you tapered it down. The guy was so far ahead of everyone back then its not silly.

Anyway we learned alot about putting thin veneer on 1lb EPS and how it’s not such a good idea cause it had no strength. The joints between the 1mil bamboo weave and the 1/42" beech created an over lapping issue. Anyway I donated that board along with a couple others including a koa skinned one to help raise funds for our annual united way campaign and this one basically was won by a secretary with a $5 raffle ticket. I would never sell it because of the veneer problem, which is why I thought it would be something I would share with Jeff as he was bemusing his veneer problems. Anyway we’ve moved on to 1/8" and 1/16" inch thick wood skins over 1lb foam and don’t have such veneer issues anymore.

In the end it only made me sad to see something like this happen.

its a crazy world


Howzit oneula, After reading the ad it doesn't seem that the seller is lying and may not actually know the boards real history. Or he does know the history and knows how to word the ad so as to make it not a fraudulent sale. It is a shame but I am thinking that the woman that won it in the raffle started the "for sale" ball rolling. These things happen in life but some times we have to let it go as hard as that may be. But one thing is, it is still out there and hopefully being riden which was what it was made for. How old is the board any ways? By the way I am going back to Oahu tomoorow  afternoon then come back to Kauai on Monday. Would you like me to send you the wireless modem since I won't need it back here and you may know aome one that could use it and it does still have a few weeks left of activity. You need to also let me know what size trunks you and Shark country wear, I want to send you a couple of pairs. I think I still have your address but not sure so I need it also. Get back to me through PM with info. Aloha and thank you so much for the aloha. Kokua