What would you do with this?

When I saw these pieces I couldn’t let them go.  I was thinking of using them as part of a veneer inlay on a board (the Sand Dollar Special?). However the pattern I “saw” and was thinking to cut out is 20" wide.  It’s too wide for the board I had in mind.

This would be a purely decorative veneer as the wood is very brittle.  But I’m an artist at heart and, unlike most board builders, a slave to aesthetics. I’ve got to do something with this. 


The first pic is without flash and shows better the real colors (there’s a lot of grey in it).

This photo is with flash and gives you an idea of the depth and figure inthe pieces.



I would run away really fast !

Hi Jeff,

Cool burl.  A story. My late uncle gave one of those ink blot psych. test to an inmate in the Santa Cruz jell about 30 years ago.  The guy kept saying butterfly, bat, etc. and I’m thinking to myself I see vagina, vagina, vagina, and thinking something might be wrong with me!  Well, when I see those burls it reminded me of that morning and I still see vaginas.  Oh well…  Your boards are alway killer!  Mike

looks like fins to me

That would make a good laminate cap on a guitar

Frame it!

redwood burl?

“jewelry box”


been there

done that

unless you are going to give the box to your beautiful wife or daughter

I’d put it on a favorite board in some form of marquetry design

although cutting veneer is tricky stuff

I always think of these things i make and give away as creating forever smiles

but my brother says I’m just plain stupid for doing so






Copper Veneer from Joe Woodworker  with etched glass top




Shell Veneer





jewelry box

Wait about 8 hours and the effects wear off…that’s what we used to do…


Otherwise, fins…

I would probably stare at it for an hour or two while having a beer. I mean…it’s no good you should mail it to me.