What's indespensible...

…in your quiver…???..


all of 'em…they’re like children to me.

If I had to choose:

An everyday type shortboard with a little less rocker than normal, a little wider nose, and a tad thicker/wider. The right combination of speed, looseness, and float. Something (in my mind) that bridges the gap between my fish and my high perf. shortboard (aka: potato chip).


Herb B.

Something in the 9’4"-9’6" range from our signature series. It works well in overhead surf to knee high mush. Not the best noserider but a great compromise for all around surf conditions.

A good noserider… some waves seem to be made for noseriding, and i love the feeling.

A low rockered, trifin that you can just get to the beach knowing that will work under any conditions.

A trusty board that you know it will make those fast sections and that won’t fail you (won’t skid) during those bottom turns on bigger-hollow days.

And something you can’t live without: a board that makes you smile.

My 6’10" Yancy Spencer fish hybrid. I can ride it in 3’ mush or 6’ hollow point surf. All I have to do is switch out the fins to match the conditions/location. Second is my 9’10" green single fin. It has a 9.5" Greenough series 4a fin that I move fwd/back according to conditions. Both boards are a must at home and traveling.

Sr Pato

FUN is always indispensible to a quiver.

Surfing on small bags of air can cause people to go crazy.

Ozzie Wright and David Rastovich from the movie, “Sprout”


My windchop special. 28# Velzy '63 model. Big enough to catch spit on a sidewalk but works in overhead Salmon Creek just as well. Soft but pinched rails, minimal rocker, pulled-in nose (Thanks Jim the G), late hips. Gets me surfing in marginal, bumpy, windy conditions at least an extra 25 days / year, up here north of the Golden Gate.

a semi-gunny thruster between 7 and 8 feet long. Because if I only had one board, that’s what it would be.

Stoke. And motivation.

Seen plenty of guys miss out on a really fun session because the waves weren’t “good” enough. You don’t know 'til you go…

I do enjoy my fishes. A no nonsense rounded pin with a bit of vee for the winter. Mike

My 9-3 semi-gun for the North Shore now that I am a part time resident on Oahu. My 10-0 for Malibu and Rincon and small beach break. My 8-8 mini-gun for bigger Rincon and steep beach breaks and to keep me tuned for Hawaii. My 4th Gear Flyer to keep me humble. El Paipo Grande(8-8 belly board) for a change of pace on any under head high wave.


Proneman: Yikes! An 8’8’ El Paipo Grande! Holy S–t!!! Can we see it…Please?

Sr Pato

Sr Pato,

Check the archives. There are pictures and more than a few words about El Paipo Grande!


my 10’0" Yater cruiser. Loved that board. I snapped it years ago and credit the event as the catalyst that started me shaping.

Though technically not in my quiver anymore, but it’s spirit lives on in several of the boards I’ve shaped and ride to this day…and in fact will be with every board that I shape.


after all is said and done, i believe the only thing i would need to keep to ride waves on is my mat-so simple, so easy to transport and oh-so fun!sure, i would like tis board and that board(that’s why i have several-i have kept the good ones)but if it came down to just one, it would be the mat…

10’0" Yater

I am a ‘shortboarder’ but this is the board.


b’cuz it makes TWICE as many days a year fun to surf.

I can always paddle, trim, walk, and carve on almost any day.

On those ‘good’ days I am a better stronger and more solid shortboarder…

better than thinking about surfing when its blown or small

Sr Pato,

Check the archives. There are pictures and more than a few words about El Paipo Grande!



My Mind ,then body.

With these tools I can do anything.Herb

Well,now is that your design …orrr mine,mine,mine?

i am a greedy pig, and i couldnt be without any of these

each one special in a different way!!