When does the SBC end, June 21st?

Thinking about making a new board.

I’m figuring Father’s Day

Is the cut off?

That is exactly 21 days

Or 3 weeks.

And even a mere mortal can do that,

Ah, given’ proper motivation.

Much Aloha!

Thanks Matt

Ends on the 20th.
voting will start on the 21st.

Maybe my mid length will be finished in time then.

Is there a reason its not ending on the 1st of june, at the same time as spring ends?

Or am i missing something?

Spring ends on June 20th.  Summer starts on June 21st.

Cool going with the equinox not the calander, not bagging, just everyone in australia is talking about the first day of winter… etc.

Just going with the dates that Huck originally posted.

Maybe we should rename the challenge so as not to be so northern hemi specific?

I started making a new board from an old PU/PE windsurfboard. The original was over 9’ about 24" wide and about 5" thick. I started shaping it on Thursday and started glassing it yesterday. It’s been a while since I did poly glassing so I had issues with the resin gelling quickly, but I managed to get it done.

This morning I did an inlay on the deck and in my rush forgot to add catalyst. I ended up mixing another small batch and doing my best to push it into the existing resin. I don’t know if this is going to work, but I definitely will not make it before the June 20 deadline. Real bummer if this kills the board because I’m really excited about the shape. I did a 7-10 semi gun / fun gun shape to replace an older board that I have.

If anyone has any input on what I could do to get this to work out, I’m all ears.

I checked the board this morning. The outer surface resin kicked, but I don’t know about the layer closest to the board. It has a strange camoflage look now. I’ll let it sit for a while before I prepare it for the next layers of glass. I may end up with a nice board after all.

Here’s a few shots. I didn’t get many because the old camera I’ve been using to shoot web shots is broken. I thought I had some shots of the old windsurfer, but I couldn’t find them. I have couple when I started stripping the bottom. You can see that it had a complex channel bottom. I had to flatten it all out and then cut in the rocker I wanted after cutting off about 15 inches from the tail. Luckily the board was extra thick.

looks good SC!