when the 'chipfish' meets the 'inkfish'....

well, THAT'S what one of the regular octogenarian early morning 'icebergers' at my local called THIS thing , at least [maybe he was pulling my leg?]


  I reckon it looked like some kind of ocean going alien being , myself ...


  any of you guys out there in swaysland ever encountered one of these things ??!!


  cheers guys !




it was on the surface when I first ...er... " met " it ...



...but , it quickly sought refuge on the ocean floor when I got closer than it wanted , I guess ?!






 ...BIZARRE , hey ?!


  and , here's what it looks like in motion  ! ....


Cross between a sea cucumber and a female body part,  for mine…


bloody weird though

Hi there chip - that second photo looks like captain goodvibes to me :slight_smile:

I'd say you found the common sea slug. Thought it was bird covered in tar at first!

It’s a nudibranch.  Cool.  Mike

I think their also called "Spanish dancer"

hi ken


  yeah my mate Rowan said the same thuing ...


  and viewing the footage of it in motion , I think it's a very appropriate name !!




  body part


 tarred bird


 sea slug


  it looks like all the above


  captain goodvibes ?  .... I think I might need a bit of acid [reflux , of course]  to help me see THAT one , cam !


 .... but it's like an inkspot thingy , ain't it ?  people see different things


 I just realised how I've probably walked past these things a few times in the last month , as when they lie still on the seabed , they just look like kelp at first glance ....