When the student is ready, the master appears.

You are Lucky indeed Bill.  gaining that insight and knowlage  from the originel craftsmen, that learned from trail and error is golden 

…to know and or to meet: Bill Thrailkill,Jim Phillips,Roger Brucker,Paul Jensen,Bert Burger,Josh Dowling,Rabbit,Nick Carroll,Bill Barnsfield,Greg Griffin,Tom O’Keefe,the two Brad’s Basham and Nydell,Ace,Grumpy,Grat,Fins,John and Peter Mel,Ken Moore,Tom Sterne,Balsa,Mr. Curry the 3,THE LIST IS SEEMINGLY ENDLESS HERE !!!

A few of these fine people,over time (in the last 15 years),have become good friends of mine. Friends that I am proud to say they are my friends.

THANK YOU…Mike Paler for bring us together…here on Swaylocks.




(photo:by Murray Irvin/skater: Herb Spitzer/pool: Pink Motel 1975/76)

Bill is the real deal.

I never get tired of board stories.

I have been blessed to have worked for and along side of many top quality board builders in my 30+ years of board building.

I have been fortunate to learn from guys with many years of board building under their belts.

I still use much of it daily.

And I always love to tell people who taught me those tricks.

I hope that all of you whom have never got to work in the surfboard environment, pay attention to the masters like Bill.

A wealth of knowledge.

Pay attention.

Take notes.

Use this knowledge to better your skills.

I’m still waiting for Bill’s book.

Tales from the shaping room?

That would be a great read.


Haven’t seen much of guys of who had no formal training.

Felker and Liddle are the only ones who would let me watch, except I was already set in my ways and a real asshole!

Outlaws, shaping outside of convention from the start.