Where, on the Big Island?I

I’m here in Hilo for the week, are there any good surf spot in the area? Something light, 3’ to 6’ range. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Howzit Bill,

Swaylocks member Kaalualu is a lifeguard in the Hilo area… Maybe shoot him a PM… He would know exactly what’s going on. Check Honolii… Right now Kona is the best bet with the south still rolling in… I just talked to Leleo Kinimaka and he surfed 4 times today in Kona… Not sure where… Wish I was there to meet you…



Driving north out of Hilo puts you right above a couple little coves that hold nice longboardable lefts until the trades come up around 10 am. Maybe 10 minutes north of campus. Nice folks in the water…


Thank you for the heads up. I’ll go take a look today. This is my first stay on the BIG ISLAND, since coming to Hawaii the first time in 1963. I didn’t appreciate the size until I saw a scale illustration of Hawaii with the rest of the islands fitted comfortably within its’ boundry. I’m very impressed with this island, reminds me alot of the ‘‘country’’ areas on Oahu in the early to mid 60’s. Much aloha here.


I have some spots for you Bill,I’ll pm you a message…Geezzz and you didn’t take me along ???




Most every place has crowd issues and the one’s that don’t are that way for good reason. This might be a good time to be frank about directions to places on line. Do it by private message, it’s far less intrusive on the environment, temperament, and wellbeing.

yeah, when I was there there weren’t any waves, just sharp lava and big sharks.

I’m sure you know what I mean. A fun surf doesn’t have to be in the events section, does it? It’s nice to have another, under the radar way of giving and getting the info.


Yea, there are no waves at all anywhere in Hawaii anymore. All surfing must now be on da big-big island of Amerika.


I agree. The internet has overpopulated so many surf breaks it’s just not funny. When I was growing up you had to find the good spots, then (hopefully) work your way up the pecking order. Now, beginners go out everywhere, especially when the computer tells them it will be “good” (big). It’s crazy.

Hey Bill

be sure and stop at Orchidland in Hilo and talk shop with the owner…

Oneula, and the other guys,

Thank you all for the info, both public and PM. I appreciate the willingness to share your knowledge.

Hey Bill

if you’re into such thing and you want to be styling

Sig Zane is having a big moving sale tomorrow in Hilo down the street from Orchidland

should have some good prices (might be crowded)

his aloha shirts are coveted by the top businessmen and politicians seeking higher office in town.

Married to Pua Kanakaole daughter of Edith Kanakaole whom the stadium over there is named and where the merry monarch is held. If you want to experience Hawaiian culture you should visit Hilo during the Merry Monarch even though it’s crowded.

Wearing a Sig Zane aloha shirt will speak volumes about your connection to the culture versus the standard Tommy Bahama’s, Reyn Spooners, or Kahala shirts…

His shirt designs all have a specific meaning about the nature of the big island.

A little piece of hawaiian craft I guess…

The big island and Hilo is a nice quiet place I hope to retire to one day soon.


Thank you so much. I’ll be there. I still have two Aloha Shirts in a Tapa pattern, that I bought in 1963. They’ve become too valuable to wear!

Yo Bill,

Why did you leave me behind… Watch out for Hot Lava and have Fun…


Still here Bill? Thought the rain and all those huge mozzies would have run you off. I think we passed the other day on the back street, walking with your spouse, and I with spouse and son.

Surf yet? Been awfully flat and now the water’s all green from the rain.


The rain ran me off. Got back to San Diego around 8pm this evening. Those Caribbean Frogs are a trip! Was the wife using an umbrella with a banana leaf pattern? If so, it was us. Sorry to have missed you.

Bill, I came back FBI (From Big Island) today. The only place I saw any surf was at the mouth of a canyon just north of Hilo. Nice waves: glassy, 3-4ft. The rest of the island is alot of volcanic cliffs and a little sand, but mind-boggling in its strange and very diverse beauty. If you don’t find waves, go see the island. I recommend Volcano Nat’l Park, Akaka Falls, and all the historical sites you can fit in. It’s an amazing place.

If you have time, go up to Hawi Town and “do the ditch”. It’s a 22.5 mile irrigation ditch. A local company will guide you for the ride on kayaks. We missed it, but I plan to catch it next time around. Have a great time! Doug