Where to buy RR epoxy?

I was looking at Fiberglas Supply.com and they now sell RR epoxy cheaper than on the RR web site.

Has enybody had good or bad experiences with both?

I am located in SF California USA . I have heard rumors that the board factory guys in Pacifica might sell it.

Last time I talked to Matt Ambros he said they got a clinic on RR and might have some epoxy and Eps blanks.Any one know for shore?



I bought some tint from Fiberglass supply a couple of weeks ago. Wanted some additive F but they were out or couldn’t ship it to me. Can’t remember which now. Anyway, they are a good company to deal with. Email RR this morning to get shipping quotes but haven’t heard back yet. That’s one of the few things that suck about living over here on the Big Island. Can never get anything. Either that or you pay out the ass to ship it over…

I ordered epoxy from RR MONTHS ago and haven’t received it yet. No replies to my repeated emails or p.m. I paid instantly with paypal.

My previous orders have all been filled in weeks, what gives?

My brother lives in Kona and he paid $700 for a small truck load of dirt.

I guess being surounded by surf on all sides is not all bad though.


Howzit punasurf, We have a RR distributor here on Kauai, Send a PM to Rick Holt and he can hook you up with Topper who is the rep for RR. I understand Topper is also cutting Blanks to use with RR.Aloha,Kokua


You can purchase Resin Research Epoxy from us Foam E-Z. We’ve been selling it since December 2005 and ship out the same day. We have all the different quantities in stock. If you’re in the SF area you’ll receive your order next day (usually) and only have to pay for ground shipping. Check it out http://www.foamez.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3_33 .

Feel free to call or email us directly with any questions.

Thanks Nigel,

I have been wanting your EZ square for a long.

I did click on to Foamez after I posted.Big sign on top of Sways page.

One stop shopping.