Where to order an good EPS Lightweightspackle (Europe!!)

Hey guys, specially  from Europe, maybe someone has an good advice for me! Iam searching for an good lightweightspackle (like fast n final) in Europe! The only spackle i have found is not ideal, some guys had big delams with this spackle. I want to seal the whole EPS blank not just small areas!

Hope somebody can help me.

Greetz Chris


Help me::) Can i use maybe this product?



thats exactly what i use

works fine

are you spackling the whole eps board or just areas?


Greetz Chris

yeah ive done whole boards with it no probs

though i prefer to use epoxy and micoballons

**though i prefer to use epoxy and micoballons **


If your EPS is PITTED do what pauluk does. That really the best solution.

**Or fine screen until the foam is smooth as I do however I’m using good grades of EPS like from Marko or US Blanks. Both are Molded and thight fused and not need for spackle.