Which Acrylic Paints work?

I plan on using Createx Airbrush acrylic paints that are water based. Has anyone used this brand in the past? I just don’t want the colors to run.

I use Delta Cream Coat paints. We are currently trying other brands to. Go over it with a blow dryer says alot of people on here. Best of luck.

Howzit Glassman, Delta Paints work good,I use them myself. Since I’ve been using acrylic thinner to thin the paints I’ve had excellant results. Also the paint dries alot faster than if it’s diluted with water and no crystallization occurs. As for using a hair dryer,I’d advise against it since by dring the surface of the paint you can seal moisture in the paint and that will result in the dreaded crystallization. I also use Liqutex paints which are very very good to work with. Aloha, Kokua

Good tip from Kokua on using the sealer to thin your paint(thanks Herb!). I used no water on my last foam tint with acrylic, I used a 10% dilution with Future clear acrylic floor wax, dries fast and the paint didn’t lift when I taped over a portion of it. Tom S.

Say, boys…just saw an ad on t.v. for a new paint called Krylon “fusion” for plastics. It - apparently - bonds on a cellular level. they claim that you can spray something like a plastic lawn chair and it will not crack off…that it will become one with the item sprayed. Am gonna call today and get the full skinny (and report back to y’all). Think of the possibilities! Am thinking that this might be kosher for an old beater board you might want to make more cosmetic. gotta find out about this post haste! Laters, T.

Howzit Tom, I saw that commercial too. The first thing that came to my mind is, what is the finish like? I wonder if it will need to be roughed up before it’s glassed over. I’m sure it’s not water based but that’s really not a problem. This product definitly needs looking into further. In the end though I’m very happy with the paints I’m using now. Aloha, Kokua

Kokua, I have not used either Delta or Liquitex paints, but have given it a thought ot go with Liquitex. My question is, how do you compare Liquitex to Delta as far as coverage and opacity? Also what porportions do you thin the paint at, 50/50, 40/60 30/70? Any help would be greatly appriciated.

kokua, Have you had any experience with gouache? Reading this thread made me think about it’s possibilites. If you’re not familar with it, it’s much thinner then typical acrylic paints, but still waterbased. They also have some cheaper ones that you can buy in quart jugs at many art supply stores. Would these work? Christian

Hi all Since we are on the subject of paint, I’m refurbishing an old shortboard and plan to sand, patch dings, paint, and glass over all with 4 oz cloth and epoxy resin. My question is, should I paint first then glass or glass then paint? I’m concerned about the glass bonding to the board with a layer of paint in between. I’m planning to use a white Krylon base/primer coat and adding graphics with Liquitex acrylics. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kokua…gave a jingle to the rep, yesterday, and she’s sending me a canister (gratis!right on!)…not yet available in other than aerosol. (approx 14 colors). looking like a negative on blanks… I believe it may contain a form of toluene. Gal wasn’t too up on chemistry, so I’ll see when the spec sheets come in. A hui hou, T.

Howzit Phil, Liquatex is by far the better quality paint,but using acrylic thinner or future to thin out makes just about any brand work with out problems. As for thinning mixture I just eyeball it,after a while you know how thin you want your paint (milk thickness will do it). We’ve also been working with Nova paints and getting good results. Aloha, Kokua

Christian…I HAVE used gouache, but it is murder through a gun…too much particulate matter (remember to strain ALL your paints, by the way). gouache is not as light safe as regular acrylic, seems to fade much quicker. Can’t beat 'em for nicely colored graphics on quality acid free paper, though. T.

Hey guys it’s me again! you will figure that I just love the discussion about paint1Yeah paint!!! Sniff it all day long YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! But seriously, with all this, I will eventually find an Australian equivalent to “Future” and be free of Petro based paint headaches FOR EVER!!! Heres another technical Q for sprayers…I have been using an overhead projector for taking computer graphics to board scale… does anyone know what to print on in the way of acetate that doesnt NEVER DRY? http://www.speedneedle.com.au