White opaque

I ran out of wight opaque and can’t wait to have some shipped is there something I can add to my tints to make them more opaque. I add white alot to help with the secondary color in the swirl pop. Can I use a little acrilic?



Go to Michaels, or any boating supply.    I'm assuming you are using poly resin.   

Don't use acrylic, it'll separate in your mixing cup. Kinda like vinegar and oil. Just wait till the shippment comes in, and tell your customer that he'll have to wait.

Good luck


im thinking they might sell some pigments at that local marine supply store when your going into tofino? if yo uhavent checked that out befor but it looks like mostly aluminum boats, i dont know where you get your pigments right now but i know that industrial plastics and paints sells pigments in victoria and they ship, just putting that out there maybe you get yours from somewhere further away. they sell epoxy and poly pigments i believe. i have no idea what you would use as white pigment for now though.

Thanks for the suggestions I will Check the local marine supply. white pigment is in alot of color work thats why I go through it so fast and I am do 10 swirl/abstract boards right now.

WHITE!------------Most common pigment sold at any boat or marine supply.  Good luck.

If anybody cares with yo mix white pigment with your tint when doing swirls you will get some great pop with your seperation.