who is online ???

did it disappear ??


With limited time on the computer , it was my ONLY way to be able to tell , and quickly communicate with people , who were online at the same time [it CERTAINLY came in useful while on at night , as i was able to 'back and forth , ‘live’ with ‘Surfer-Dave’ , regarding the stubbie hicksy is doing for him and the euroswayers ].

so , my question re: the very useful “who’s online” facility …

… WILL it be ‘reinstated’ , please , Mike ??

cheers !


Hey Ben,

Up at the top of “General Discussion” you will see a sticky titled “New Forums to-do list”

It’s on the list.

I’m sure Mike will have it back up and running soon.

Mikes working on it,

FYI - in the meantime, notice the little dot next to a usres name, as far as I can work out if that is green they are on line, if its grey they aren’t.