Who shaped this G&S?

Just wondering if any of you knows this signature,sorry not the best pics. It has star fins and a little pencil tag on deck near logo ,has #9220 written on it but probaly means nothing. I emailed g&s but ms smith said she would ask around and never got back to me.a friend gave this to me since it didn’t make a good shelf in the garage.pro box Larry said this in another post “I believe that systems is called Star System, if so that board was made between 1979 to 1981.”

thanks fellow sway lords

Bill Minard?

Nice looking board. Someone was using it as a garage shelf? What a shame!

Bill Minard for sure.  Bill flys under the radar.


You guys are good! I looked at it again and def minard .looks like he is shaping for degree33 .Thanks a million.


Not 79-81.  82-85.