Who/what is LAP extreme foam?

Not a whole lot of info on the website, but says can be laminated with polyester. What is this stuff?

Anyone know anymore about them?



I just saw it today also ,it sounds like great foam.I would also be interested to know if anyone has used it and what do they think about it.

Its pretty expensive

the problem is getting stuff. richard is trying to gear up. been waiting for a couple months for a small order. he is not set up for production. the foam comes in blocks of approx 5’x4" thick and glued together to accomodate longer lengths and rockers are bent into a glueing fixture. the quality of the glue-ups I seen weren’t great. If he can get up to some decent production levels and up the quality of the glue-up might be a viable alternative. Hand shaping the stuff could be a challenge.

Hey Oak,

It sounds like you have seen and it’s not being produced specifically for blanks, so what is it? Any ideas?

$200 for a longboard blank???

What kind of foam is it? Seems like expanded polythyelene maybe, I dk if I would want a rebound or memory foam for a surfboard thats going to be fiberglassed, if the foam is more flexible then the glass, the glass will crack. Seems to me like the guy is disorginized too, he should keep it to himself until he’s ready for production. It takes awhile to get a good system together. I don’t know if I would trust a glued-up longboard or gun blank either, he could probably buy it in bigger blocks, most likely its the cost issue if he’s buying small volumes for testing. I think tombstone blanks might be similar, I haven’t seen either, or talked to anyone who has. I would much rather use something proven like EPS.