on the last few boards ive done. on the botton lap after hotcoating i keep getting a dark area aroundthe whole lap! why is this? ive been cleaning my brushes throughly and i dont get them anywhere else apart from lap to rail?

…it’s normal to get a shadow from your laps,especially if you’re using heavier glass than single 4oz.Herb

but if you go into shops and look at boards there are no shadows. also a few of mine had no shadow either with 6oz just looks a bit crap when you hand a board over to someone. do they fade in time? thanks

…are you using UV cat.?Herb

Boards always seem to look worse in the factory (or home shop).In my case it is the intense lighting that I use when working.Usually when you carry em outside they look a lot better.Once you have built a few boards and know what to look for you will see the imperfections in most boards…they are handmade products after all.Don’t be too hard on yourself. R.B.

im using polyester resin. i’ll just have to learn to shut my eyes [blush]) thanks

Paul, thank your lucky stars I’m not doing your glassing!!! I 'd would love some dark laps instead of my lunar rails!! (Of course it must be a bad batch of resin :slight_smile: )! Hope you’re well Peaman

…don’t baste with uv catalized resin!!!This will cause the darker shadows.Herb

Howzit Herb, I’ve heard of some problems people have had with UV resin but I haven’t run into any of them myself. One thing that isn’t stated is if these people are making their own UV with the powder or buying pre-mixed UV resin.I normally squeegee baste the whole bottom so maybe that’s why I don’t have a shadow problem. Aloha, Kokua

im using polyester though id just like to know how you get that pure white all over? thanks