Wide Pin Lines?

Read over the archives and currents.

In amazing wealth of info, but I couldn’t find the answer to my question…

Going to do my first resin pin line.

Want to do extra wide pin lines - may be 2 inches wide.

Any reason why I cannot or should not do this?

Any thing extra I should know about doing wide pin lines?



Wide is fine. I just did my first epoxy pinlines (wide) and made every mistake possible. I just sanded it off and started over. Tips: make sure the board is sealed well with no weave showing through (resin will seep through), before glossing make sure you scotch brite the pinline so the gloss top will adhere, use auto body tape used by the pro’s, clean up your small mistakes along the edge of the pin with sandpaper bent over a razor blade. And as Cleanlines as shown us, use cheap wide tape to lay down a guide line because is easier to lay it straight than the 1//4 inch stuff, after you get your good tape down, peel the cheap wide stuff and pitch it.

Of course, everything said is true.

One thing missing… wide color bands make the board look like a cheap imitation of a Surftech! Plain ole ugly! To me, of course…to you, it might be the cat’s meow.

Instead of one color band covering 2" of possibly wobbly lap cut, I’d do FOUR pinlines. Think about it…it’s not much harder than one color band. You still have to lay out the initial tapeoff reasonably curved and keeping with both the template and the lap line. Just use either 1/4 Or 1/2 tape after the initial tapeoff, so it looks like you MEANT to pinstripe the board, not paint a color band to hide it’s flaws.