Widowmaker Shaper Recommendations?

Any suggestions for a shaper for a wide point forward widowmaker set-up?

Would like to try a Parmenter, however it seems he only shapes for a small clientele who actually know how to get hold of him.

Hey, I don’t have an answer for you, but I have a question that matches…

I thought widowmaker was a Parmenter model… If not that, then what’s the definition of a widowmaker setup?

you can probably order a board from him through rusty keaulana shop in makaha he sells his board there.

“Widowmaker” is Parmenter’s specific name for his design which has a generic equivalent in the gunny 2+1 fin lay out genre. Specifics might include smaller than average thruster sidebites attached a bit more forward via either glass-on or plugs. The center fin is bigger than a standard thruster… think 2+1 longboard kind of thing.

Like many specific brand names, “Widowmaker” has been more or less adopted… if you sneeze and have a load of snot dribbling down your face do you ask for a “Facial Tissue” or “Kleenex?”

Anyway, call it what you will, a wide point forward gunny shape with sidebites and a large fin in the center box can be fine tuned to cover a wide range of conditions to include large beachbreaks. With a small center fin installed forward in the box (think Infinity “Cluster”) you could also ride one in smaller surf.

A Rusty “Desert Island” kind of thing might be available right off the rack. If you are interested in a Dave Parmenter shape, PM me and I can check the local Moondoggie shop that carries his boards. I’d be happy to snag one off the rack if they have one or place an order for a custom if you are interested.

Yea, used the widowmaker term to describe a 2+1, as it has become somewhat of a catch word for same…

This board will be for a bigger, hollow beachbreak where it’s all about late takeoffs and getting on down the line in a hurry. Currently riding a quiver of thrusters and quads with wide points at center, and would like to try the drive of a 2+1 with the wide point forward. As a front foot, down the line surfer think it might be a good match, and take me back to my single fin roots.

I would be surprised if a stock board would be on the racks that would meet my needs. I’m 6’3 x 195#, and looking for a 7’10 x 21" RP, as the board will be used in cold water with lots of rips in the head to double overhead range.

Does Dave shape in Hawaaii and then ship to the US, or does he periodically shape in Ca? I’m in Oregon so would need to figure out shipping and how long the board would take.