wife kicked me out of the garage! what now?

Fellow swaylockians,

What do you do when your wife gets sick of your mess and says find a new place to shape? Besides the comments I know I’m opening myself up to about not wearing the pants, being hen pecked, etc; I’d like to hear where my fellow hobbiests are shaping. Some of my first thoughts

  1. Build a small room in the back of my garage, maybe 8 x 12.

  2. Get one of those Home Depot storage shacks and stick it in the back yard. Have to be a big one though to shape the odd longboard.

  3. “Rent” or borrow someone else’s shaping room. Shouldn’t be too hard to find one in the PB/San Diego area.

I only shape about one board every couple of months so I’m not sold on the first two ideas,too much effort and outlay. What other “non-garage/spare room in the house” alternatives are out there?


PS, I AM the man of the house, dammit! (when allowed)

Try the kitchen!

Hey Moose. For one board every couple of months, you can come by and use my shaping area if you want.

Drop by on the 30th if you want to meet a bunch of the local Swaylockers…


Thanks for the invite, I might take you up on it. Gotta squeeze it in between all of the kids Saturday soccer/baseball games so probably just a quick hello. I think I saw some directions on the “events” page.

I can relate (4 kids of my own). We’ll all hope to see you then, but if not, another time.

PS where’s your squirrel sidekick, Rocky?

“Wife kicked me out of the garage ! what now ?”

the answer is obvious…

wait till she’s snoring, then glass in the bedroom.

She shouldn’t complain about the garage EVER again.*


*if she does, next night bust out the planer and start mowing foam…

Who will do my laundry and cook after she lapses into the coma? I might have to actually start picking up after myself. Interesting logic though.

"Who will do my laundry and cook after she lapses into the coma? "     bullwinkle.     " I might have to actually start picking up after myself. "     no way !!!  what for ???   [Won't be anyone around to hassle you...]     "Interesting logic though".     logic ?   nah , mate...I was just sharing my own shaping situation with you, to inspire you...hopefully !     " a man without a shed is like a wife without shops ...chip"

Just kidding, the missus holds it all together. Without her support I’d never be able to live “The Life of Rielly” that I do. Plus she does the art for my boards. Mine looks like 1/2" thick Crayola scribbles. Relative to me she’s a Van Gough.

12x16 silver and black tarp attatched to 3-6 screw ties lagged into outside garage 20x24 tarp on ground should catch much fallen debris ,lifted on three sideslike swimming pool should increase efficiency 10 fold, portable rax … overhead tarp supports of your choice including guys to trees etc.and up braces like windsufer masts insure headroom and drainage in rainage… too close?.. the back corner of the yard fixed on the fence is coo…this solution -arandement low cost = instant on T.V. [ transurfaportation vehicularconstruction ] from here the shed can grow as materials are aquired from MAC MEDA salvage oppertunities…ambrose…los indios de las caminos de las olas tienden… ariba amigos!

sorry chipp for I write as I write morning or nite

hope you glean what I mean

though my roots are affected as I was projected

at a future uniquely my own .

california has bred me and aquatics has led me

to surf and wish that we all can share


yesterday belly drop blind on a twelve foot 35# board on a hawaiian 5’wave blinded by whitewater resisting the bail-out anxiety and spitting out onto the broad green with the explosion of colored deck obscured by exilleration ,relief and release

where else are you supposed to make a mess if you can’t do it in the garage?

Sheeesh…I got kicked out of my garage 10 minutes into glassing my first board. Went out to the side yard, which happens to be sand bottomed, set up a few tarp/tent things, a shelf system for supplies, some lights, some racks, and viola! Never been better.

PVC pipe with slip fittings can be used to make a useful frame for a shaping shop, one that you can put up/take down quickly. Suggest 1" size or better. You can drill it and pin the joints with nails if they tend to come apart in the wind.

Black sheet plastic isn’t expensive, use at least the 6 mil thickness, 10 mil or 12 mil is even better.

Shit, if only I’d listen to myself. But I continue to glass in the garage, shape in the side yard. The wife complains about the smell only when there’s little/no wind and it hangs in the air more. But those windless days are when I should be surfing anyway!

fans to circulate the air and epoxy to reduce the smell (better for the environment too)

My wife is too tolerant :). I shape and glass in the garage. In fact we’re going to convert the 2nd garage into a shapping/glass room and general workshop. Currently it is storage.

I covered the floor and shelves with painters plastic to help keep things clean. Considering I used a power planer without a vac after picking up the plastic the garage was fairly clean.

Maybe with some tarps/plastic covers you could get back in the garage. I’ thinking about using the PVC pipe to build removable plastic walls to help confine the mess further. Also plan to get a vac attachment for the planer.

good luck

tell her you’d like to spend more time with her (24/7),hang out w/ her and her girlfriends,go shopping for shoes,watch her get her nails done, and that you find the sun is damaging your youthful complexion. i mean like the garage is the place where men “nurture” themselves. maybe theres a self help publication at BARNES & NOBLE for her. she needs to face it… we’re hairy & fu*#@d up!

Combo of 4Est and Honolulu’s ideas: Plastic sheeted collapsible PVC frame in the garage. “Walls” weighted down at the bottom with sandbags, 2x4’s, old Nat’l Geographics, etc. Two air conditioning filters, each in opposite walls with one rigged up with a fan sucking air through the “room”. Maybe 8w x 12L x 8h. Light’s mounted into the PVC frame as well.

PS. You guys ever read the book “Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars”? That guy was dead on.

I used duct tape to seal the plastic to the floor.

Worked great if you can leave setup for the entire board/project.

If you have to setup and tear down frequently then sand bags might

be better.

Post pics once you get setup.

" my girlfriend said if I [eg: make a surfboard in the garage] … she’ll leave me " …

'bye ! [thank god for THAT ! … I thought she’d never bloody leave!]

Do you guys REALLY want to put up with that kind of crap ? them nagging you ?!! come ON, guys !! is it worth it ??

… I bet THEY’D crack the shits if you banned THEM from ever going shopping for clothes with THEIR girlie friends. [Double standards, for sure !!]

… good luck to you then ! (I hope one day you manage to extract your balls [testes]from the vice [kind of bench mounted clamp] that those women are obviously crushing them in!)

     "single, unhassled , and making boards whenever I want ...chip "

I had a similar problem with using the garage/side of my house. Not due to my wife but the neighbors. I tried using plastic tarps and a hospital curtain track, fans/filters, etc. Lighting in these makeshift partitions is always a problem, and foam dust, cloth threads, dust always statically sticks to the plastic walls or blown in the wind over a fence. The problem is to basically get rid of the dust and noise. I bought a Rotex dustless sander, and use the same vacuum system (very quiet) attached to the planer. I do the bulk of my glassing with the garage door open at the bottom and the side door wide open. I do it at night when nobody’s outside to smell it. Not a real cheap way to do it, but quiet and clean tools give the flexibility to work at almost any hour without bothering anyone.