Wildy fins , quad setup ...

many thanks , Greg !!


  [the back ones were made by me , obviously]


this went well in some head-high peelers , a week or two ago now


...... next time i'll use the small ones as trailers , see if i can feel a difference ...

DSCF5326.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF5323.jpg picture by chippy61


have you swappd em around ?

hiya Prids !


  no , not yet , i liked them so much that way [plenty of hold ] .....


"Wildy" .... where ARE you , Greg ?!


  cheers mate



   Howzit it chip,the rear finscolor is almost exactly the same as a fin plate I made in the 70's for single fin boards.Aloha,Kokua

cheers Mike !!

was it a glasson single fin ?

I'm here somewhere..... hope they work. Hope you are getting waves, everyone.

    Howzit chip, Actually I made a few fins from the plate but the one I made for myself was made for a fin box, but the ohers were glass ons that I put on the boards I was making right hen. We used to make a lot of our own fins since there was no where's to buy them on Kauai back then. Aloha,Kokua

hiya Greg !


  thanks for dropping by !  I hope you are well and not going crazy , being away from the ocean for a while ?!


  yep , i'll need to base tab the other two wood 'wildy's that  you sent me , so's i can use the single setup ? As well as ,  maybe i will  need to have a go at making a matching medium sized wood one , to have the full wood quad setup happening too ??


     Mike , did you happen to take any shots of your panels / fins , from 'back in the day ' ?? 

...it would be great to have seen / see your panels , mate ! We don't seem to get a lot of photos of fin panels here , eh ? [it may be time to resurrect the "panels" thread , yeah ? ] . not having any resin lately , it's certainly been a while between panel making / fin cutting out sessions for me . But , with summer flatness and crowds faast approaching , that may change soon , hopefully ?!


  cheers !