will it be surfable

how is everyone, i started shaping my fist board, a fish.i had never seen a fish up close before so a i wasnt realy sure what i was doing,but that has never stoped me from doing anything before. all i knew is that when i saw Rasta riding a fish for the fisrt time i decide that that was the coolest surfing i had ever seen and from then on i was going to surf fishes, problem i had no money to buy one. so i thought that i must make one. my demitions ended up being 5’11x22x2.75. i realised that 22" was pretty wide, but that was after shaping the rails, the tail was a bit thin too, so i decide to chop 2" off the tail and 1" off the nose. i wanted this board to be small. the dimetions are now 5’8x16x22x16x2 3/4 the but crack is 5" deep and point to point the tail is 11 1/2 inches the rocker is 3" nose and 1 1/2 tail. is there anything i can do to help this board, also what size fins should use, should i use toe? it would be awesome if i could get some help fellas.

Anythings surfable, I have my first board where one side is almost a straight line and the other wavers in and out, theres bubbles in the glass everywhere, it leaked the first time out, but its still fun.

(Fixing all the glassing mistakes wasn’t though…)

1/4" toe for single foil fins, 1/8" for double, if you plan on making your own theres lots of stuff in the recources and archives on it, and theres another thread on fin placement (I think it’s called “yet another thread on fish fin placement”).

If you plan on using it in anything bigger than three feet or so it probally would make it easier to use with slightly more nose rocker, but with what you have it should be super flast and floatery.

Have fun glassing it, and especally have fun surfing it!

Nice job! That thing looks sweet…Lot’s of rocker huh?

Actually, after looking again, I guess there’s not much…I’m just used to my “ultra-flat” boards!

thanks for the advice. i will look up the fins tonight. have ordered glassing 101. i cant wait to glass it, crank the tints. but i mostly cant wait to ride it. cheers


Nice fish. I prefer big keel fins on wide tailed fishes. Lots of drive and don’t spin out( well,usually). I’d be glad to mail some fin templates if you like. Mike

mike that would be great if you could send me some templates, would you say 11 1/2" is a wide tail? sounds like big keels are the go, i dont think the coditions i will be surfing in will always be clean, so would more rake on the fins help. im still a trying to understand why certain things work better in different conditions. cheers mate. Caleb Stokes