Will this FCS repair hold?

This is my first FCS plug repair, and I am very interested in criticism. I found this Bullitin Board after the repair was done, and I have searched the archives here and I wanted some additional information if you could help!

You can see how large the hole was after I removed the plug, because the material holding the plug in is clear resin. I filled half this hole (through to the deck glass) with a filler mix (q-cell). Then once that had gelled, I attached the new plug to a fin and inserted it into the surviving FCS plug, and filled the crevasse with sanding resin. I then sanded the whole thing down, including a 1.5" circle of the old layer of glass down to the cloth, and taped over the new plugs holes. Then I Glassed over the whole thing with 4oz cloth. As you can see, I dont gloss coat and polish. One thing to keep in mind is that I angled the board in the sunlight to accentuate the weave. I can run my hand along the repair blindfolded and feel no contours, only the roughness of the weave along the edges.

I wanted it fixed ASAP, and I had heard that q-cell weakens the resin while filling it. So I just used the resin to surround the plug. Was this a mistake?

BONUS: Should I begin the practice of polishing? As you can see there is some weave of the new cloth showing, and I sometimes think that I should begin glossing over this.



with all that resin around it and glass over it, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was the strongest plug on your board.

glossing over the sanded weave aint a bad idea.


Dont worry it will be bullet proof. You did a good job, it might be a little additional weight…like 2 oz., so you’ll never know.

The reason for the q-cell is so you can sand it down easier, and just fill in the additional gap. The strength comes from the fiberglass over the top. Next time chop up some fiberglass and add that into the resin mix, then cover it with 6 oz glass then will be super strong.