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I just finished cutting out a bunch of hardwood keels and now I am ready to resin togethor two sheets of 1/8 hardwood with 3 sheets of mat in between that are 1/4" bigger than the wood so the leading and trailing edges will be glass not wood. I believe this is Honolulu’s described method

I’m planning on tinting the resin black since the inside panel is maple and the outside panel is ebony so the contrast sould be nice.


Do I use lam resin or sanding resin? If Use lam resin I believe I’ll need to hot coat it to sand it.

How do you do the tabs for future boxes?

I made the mat extend down 3/4-1" down to build the box tabs around but is this wrong?

I was going to build the bottoms up with more 3 more layers of mat on each side mat and then sheet glass it to hold it togethor and to the fins base.

Also for the wood experts. (PaulJ/RichardMc)

Can you use aromatic cedar? It’s the only type of cedar they have at Woodcraft but I’m afraid the aroma comes from wood oils which would cause delam issues later… But I also see Bert and other folks using cedar for lams shells so I’m puzzled.

Sure is hard cutting and sanding the hardwood, also need a metal disk grinder to take away material.

So far I’ve chosen Padauk, Maple, Bubinga, Ebony and Koa. But are there any other suggestions easier to work with (cut/sand)?

I’m thinking plywood with a veneer skin applied after profiling then covered in 1/16 resin all around like decoupage might be easier to do…

Mahalo Nui Loa Kakou

Hello One,

Maybe this also:


It should be relatively easy for you to find Philippine Mahogany. Its cheaper than other Mahogany and is a reddish color a little like bubinga, but with a very slight grey brown like teak) and could replace the look of redwood once glassed. It is also more the hardness of your other woods, where if you use redwood or cedar the soft ones will sand/shape/grind differently than the hard ones and you’ll have problems.

You might also like Bass. It looks like balsa but is cheaper & harder - with the hardness, its good in multi-layer blocks for the same reasons as above.