Wooden Board Gathering @ SHF> DateTBD


About a year ago I suggested a So Cal Wooden Board Gathering  http://www2.swaylocks.com/forums/wood-board-gathering

I fumbled the ball mostly over lack of a suitable location that doesn't charge for group gatherings.

 Yesterday I got the okay from Barry Haun at SHF to host it in their parking lot, at some future weekend to be determined.

 It ain't the beach, but it's suitable.

Just have to decide on a date and it's a done deal.

 I was thinking of holding it either the weekend before or after Sacred Craft in October so more out of the area folks could participate but I'm open to suggestions........ 


I'll bring a 9' 7'' X 21''  sq tail balsa gun..................of the 5 or 6 balsa guns I've made, beginning in 1959, this is the only squaretail.     Made lots of sq tail foam guns, back in the day.   Post the date as soon as you know it.

Wooden surfboard days are very inspirational, the Currumbin gatherings in Australia have been a great success with the 3rd one coming up in august this year.

Surfers came from Japan, NZ, America, South America and from all over Australia.

It was just mind blowing to see all that craftmanship in the one spot.

The day was organized by Grant Newby who also runs the Fish Fry.

Here is a link to his site and some photos from the day.


SWEET!  Cant wait.

I think I walked past you at Austin Hardwood in SA today.



deck for a 6’4" Fish

Yup, SWIMPAL and I were in there buying some mahogany and quilted maple for up coming Festival of Arts pieces.

Curious I didn't notice you. Should'a stopped to say hi.


I’d say do it sooner rather than later.   You can always schedule a second one.

Bumped for more input

Sounds like an amazing idea.  Lets make it happen!