worst summer in san diego in years

what a poor summer we’ve had, usually i surf months at a time without a day off. this summer i think i surfed a week consecutivley. is there any hope for the fall or do i need to run and find a uncrowded break somewhere else.  whats everyones opinion? have you been lucky enough to find some good waves this summer? am i too picky  do i need to take it for what it is, i mean this is san diego not florida, but maybe my expectations are too high.

Nope you are right. Worst summer waves and water temp air temp in MY 60+ years here.  We are already getting the itch to head South.  I hear places that are normally flat this time of year are getting waves…There is a little south right now maybe…

do not know why this went twice

Hummmm. I'm not sure what San Diego you're talking about...But yes we have had poor weather along the beach, but as waves go and excluding last week, we have had a pretty consistent run of South Swells. We had a great South Swell early on, followed by a week long Huricane swell that was fantastic...followed up by another Hurricane swell. Then a pretty good run of small to medium long distance south swells..Hell I even got a few waves that might make my all time top 20 waves list this summer...And were not even into the "season" yet.   I surfed today and it's head high plus on the sets, I surfed yesterday and albiet  a tad small, it was super clean and fun.

Shit what do you expect from So Cal in the Summer, waves everyday...never happens and never will.

Stay tuned. Resinhead says it's going to be a long fall with lot's of huricane and south swells...but you need to be paitent.  Anyhow summer surfing doesn't start until all the little childern go back to school.  NOW is the real summer surftime!!!!  Just you watch!!

must be hitting in North County?  I surfed dawn patrol, which consisted of 45 minute lulls and a few weak waves, with a lot of sideshore wind.

I'm out at the PB pumphouse everyday at dawn. Yes, we have had lots of weak days. Yes the water is colder than usual. Personally, I've been trunking w/1mm vest for 6 weeks now. Everyone is still saying it's cold but I'm used to it now. Reminds me of my younger days in Santa Cruz. Anyway, I think you just need to take what you can get and have fun. Anything less than two feet and I bring down the 10' 7" log. That will catch mouse farts in a bathtub. I can't think of a non-fun day this year. the lulls were a little tiresome this morning on my 6'4" and the sets were soft, but I did have a few fun ones, probably chest high. Resin is right, the start of summer was pretty good. Some of those hurricane days were special in OB. The issue this year is more folks are discovering Dawn Patrol. It used to be 10-12 people unitl about 7AM. Today, there were 30 people out at 6AM.. Grrrrr. Mostly traffic cones on the shoulder. I shouldn't complain too much, 22 years ago that was me trying to figure out how to ride a shortboard at the SMJ.

hmmm…seems y’all are forgetting about the el nino/la nina?

maybe its just the far northern  county but  seems  like  the  sand  has dissapeared and  finally starting to  fill  back in. i  wont  lie, this  week  though  small, has offered some  better  shape. i  don’t  mind  the  size,  i  know  not  to  expect much  in the summer time  but through  all the  hurricane  swell and the  constant  southwest  it’s  been extremely  closed  out or really  short corners. yes school is  in  and the  crowds  are  thinning but  the  suns  finally  come  out  so  people  are  still everywhere. tides have  been  playing a  bigger part in  it  too i  believe  but  maybe  i  trippin.   i  might  not be  as old  as  some  of you,  but i  was  born here and lived here for 30  years and  have  had  some memorable  summers. i  know  august through  november  are  some  of  the  best  months  i’m  just  getting impatient.


Anything less than two feet and I bring down the 10' 7" log. That will catch mouse farts in a bathtub. [/quote]

Classic line - now my new tag line, too!

Keith I'm not saying where I've been surfing...you know where I hang out in the summer..And a bunch of the guys at your spot have been surfing my spot.. Kind of like a prisioner swap program, or maybe Surfers without boarders is more appropriate.  You need to drive more than 100 yards from your homestead and go surfing.

So was today flat too?  WTF. Plenty of head high to 1.5 overhead waves? More to come.   Yes the water is 60 degrees and yes i'm wearing a full suit..and booties. Yes it is August........the best is yet to come.  Just you watch.


We haven't gone more than 2 weeks without waves this season?   Better than Florida, and not as good as Hawaii..kind of something in between.

Up in NorCal it’s probably been even slimmer pickin’s than you guys have had (not that summer is really our season for size up here anyway).  And rather than the usual on-again-off-again fog pattern, we’ve been socked in almost every morning, all summer…sometimes til noon, sometimes all day.  Strange weather.

Im feeling for you guys, but currently living in santa barbara I dont get to surf much. I can drive south or north, but being in school I just dont have much time too…I cant wait for winter, assuming their are swells…

Im feeling for you guys, but currently living in santa barbara I dont get to surf much. I can drive south or north, but being in school I just dont have much time too…I cant wait for winter, assuming their are swells…






Small but fun up north today.

well at least something is on the horizon,


This year in Japan, we’ve had one of the  worst years I can remember as far as typhoon count. We average twenty give or take and we’ve had only four minor typhoons so far that have been the crappy ones for quality wave production. 

My alaia has been getting lots of use on a good note. Glad I made them last year.

Worst summer for surf in Ireland too. 5 week flat spell on my coast. Its been at least 10 years since that happened.

Been pretty good summer as far as I’m concerned.  Just have to remember it’s summer surf.  It was good all of June.  Plenty of smooth, kelp groomed wind swell.  Most of July was good, too.  August is always shitty around here.  Bars are gone, but I did get a few fun ones south of here yesterday.  September is right around the corner so maybe there will be a few of those early, peaky, west swells…Souths I have to drive for this time of year.  Mike

same up ventucky way. bad winds, colder than it should be water, and a lack of surf.many overcast days to boot. it's been more like spring than summer....