Would like some help with rocker dimensions

Hi Everybody,

wow I haven"t posted in almost a year! But I’ve been following Swaylocks all the time! It’s been said a million times and I say it again! This place is awesome and I love it! I shaped two boards for friends since then and they both loved their Boards so I am super stoked! One was a Clark Foam Close Tolerance Blank, which was really nice to shape! Right before they closed!

But I still know so little! I started working on board #8 and it’s gonna be an egg for myself, but I am not sure how much rocker I wanna or should put in!? I would really appreciate any input, on nose and tailrocker dimensions!

Thank you guys! Oh and it’s 6,4 x 16,5 x 20,5 x 15 x 2,75!

I would go for 4.5 inches of nose rocker and around 2.25 2 /3/8 in the tail. just my 2 cents

Thanx for your help joshmjosh! That sounds good! Right around what I was thinking and now I have the confirmation I needed to go on with my egg! Thanx a lot!