Would you do it?

Chance at recognition/ego inflation…

Free clothes…

Rub shoulders with the “big wigs”…

Help out a friend…

Be a whore and further sellout the true surfculture…

Stroke my kids ego; “See that guy in the picture? That’s my dad”…

Finally a reason/motivation to get back in shape…

So here’s the scenario. My friend asks me to model for the new Quicksilver edition line.

I wear Quik/Billabong/Volcom etc. Not cause I am trying to portay the coveted “image” of a SURFER, but because I live across the street from a couple surf shops and I buy the stuff on sale or because alot of my friends work at the clothing companies and give me stuff. So one of them asks me to be a model for the new line. I don’t have anything against Quick or Billa or any of the others. But at the same time I am not real keen on the continued prostitution of the beach/surf culture and epecially my participation in it. But hey, it means doing my best to make Quicksilver look authentic. But then again, they have “board” meetings at the beach so they must be the real deal, right? (barf)

I said yes. It came down to a financial decision: free clothes. Hey when ya got 5 mouths to feed and yer just a simple surfer ya need all the help ya can get. Maybe I’ll get a tatoo of my Swaylock’s Inspired lam. How cool would that be if it came out in the pics?!!

Ok Ambrose, go for it!..I am prepared for the worst!!

The answer to your question seems to be …YOU already did it .

go buy a good tan

they are introducing the new ‘speedo’ comp model

and get an agent you dot wanna get paid less than Bob,Carol,Ted or Alice

I hear they offered a similar deal to Barry Ashtone to overtake the reef campagain with the new thong for the male over 50 crowd they are calling it the wedge

I for one am truely envious. the attention, the lights, your name on the lips of everyone in the industry,you could be the next WHO DA GUY

…ambrose…did I do ok?..

the agent though, find out how much they are saving by getting a non union model and then how much $ they really want you or is this guy just trying to get a free location at the newport strand…how many production people can fit in your yard,your kitchen ,your bathroom?

what an oppertunity…dont let it slip through your fingas … you could need this,

phone roy he could use a deal like this for his ten kids

and mainstreaming could open unheard of doorways to success

       did this guy ask if he could leave his board at your house?

      was he real nice to your wife and was there when you got back from the beach 3 days in a row?

…HOW could you have known that your David Hassledork ‘avatar’ could have got you so far up in such a short time eh ?

A self-fulfilling prophecy …


…ambrose…did I do ok?..


Smashing!! I expected no less!!

Model for one of their print ads? for free clothes? They are getting one cheap model, lemme tellya.

I’m a photographer, and unless your friend is making some sort of inter-company thing which needs to be done on the cheap, or one quick shot that takes less than an hour or so, he/she’s working you for some free modelling. Rates are based in part on exposure. If the picture is to be distributed nation- or world-wide, model’s day rates should be at least $500 or so…most pro working models are around $1,000-$1,500 a day, or around $200/hr. with a 3 hour minimum, for national exposure. If you want, ask your friend what it’s being used for, exposure, and how long it’s going to take, and I can PM you an estimate for what they would be paying a model.

I spose if you have already agreed, do it, but next time, ask a reasonable rate. It’s only fair to the working models out there, and I’m sure Q-silver is good for it–big companies like that shouldn’t go around cheaping out on people… And finally, if you could use some free clothes, surely you could use the cash. Moral dilemma? give half to charity.

My 2



Moral dilemma? give half to charity…


Or Swaylock’s!

Ah, now there’s a worthy cause!

hell i would do it for free clothes. and if you where single think about all the chicks you could get.

at least quik is a real surf clothing company, its not like you are posing for ron jons or pac sun or the god forbidden holister surf company.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, but make’em pay through the nose, cash money, and maybe even slide in a few words about what surfing is really about.

That’s crazy that they want to pay you with something other than money…