Wouldnt it be cool if.............

They could dip you into liquid neoprene and ta da…instant perfect fitting wetsuit. Until then, anybody have any insight into XXL suits that would be comfy and offer good movement for 6’5", 245lbs.

j & j wetsuits in Torrance can make you anything you want. They were Body Glove guys that started their own gig.

John and Jeff and the partners.


Proneman, Do you have their contact#? Thanks.


Corral Reef wetsuits in HB or Westminster on beach blv 714-894-3483

Tony or Shane Jones

tell em Ken sent ya



I havent checked out the custom guys for a while, but I was never impressed with the product. There must be some other big guys out there that have some knowledge of a good suit. Ive had Quicksilver, O’neil, and Aleeda. I wasnt too impressed with any.

I’m going to throw one more name in the mix- Axxxe Wetsuits. Japanese company, all custom and really awesome quality. They use all that new high tech neoprene and I have to say that after trying a custom suit I’d never go back to an off the rack number. It’s worth the extra expense to me to have a suit that fits that well and hold together. I’ll happily flow the contact info for the Cali rep to anyone interested.

I’m 6’1" and 250 with 50 chest and 38 waist. I have a O’neil Heat XXXL thats too big for me. The nice thing is the waters 73 here.


I’ll happily flow the contact info for the Cali rep to anyone interested.

Bring it bruddah.