wrong saw cut *PIC*

As an absolute beginner, I made a wrong saw cut in the blank. Is there a way to glue the missing foam part back? What glue should I use, resin? I hope there’s some solution since it’s my first attempt at shaping. thx http://de01.net/

i used super glue to stick one i did back together as the resin will fill it out but i suppose it depends where the cut is on the blank.

Hey bro. Use a softish glue which is easy to shape. Do not use resin, as it will tear chunks out of your blank when you try and sand it back. I had a friend of mine drop a ladder on a board that ready to glass. Heartbreak, but I just glued some pieces in and resanded the thing. You’ll get fine lines, but no big drama. Good luck Maz

you might get by with just a spritz of Super-77. Keep the coat ultra-thin and nurse the damaged area while shaping so it doesn’t have a relapse.

you can use contact cement - it will hold the foam together and will not inhibit shaping very much; it just leaves a little yellow line, but you can paint white over it or put some spackle over it to cover it. http://groups.msn.com/thegrasshoppersurfboard/shoebox.msnw

It’s good advice to NOT use resin as glue in that situation. I’ve done it and it’s a pain to shape, because the foam is soft and the resin is…well,…resin, and it’s hard. Super 77 sounds like a great suggestion. I’m going to try that if there’s ever a next time. Doug