I am interested in trying to make an epoxy blank, anywhere to gte these foams in Blank size blocks in the Los ANgeles area? Orange County, san diego… suppliers? http://www.surfboardglassing.com

I am also looking for a source in North San Diego near Vista. anyone?

Insulfoam 5635 Shaefer Avenue Chino, California 91710-9041 (909) 591-7425 Toll Free (800) 472-4291 Fax (909) 591 8083

chino is close enough, greg are there particular products we should ask for such as grade or something? http://www.surfboardglassing.com

We use 2# density. I believe Insulfoam uses C bead which is a small sized bead that shapes nice. You want to express an interest in the beads being well fused and sort of act like you know what your looking for, dropping the fact that you prefer C bead instead of A or B. In my experience that will get you access to better material. If they think your just some home repair guy, they’ll tend to give you anything they have laying around. In other words, don’t be afraid to be somewhat demanding. They know what the good stuff is. I’ve sent plenty of trailers full of foam back demanding only their best. I used to feel bad about it but I won’t accept anyting but their best anymore.