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Hey guys. I just finished shaping my first board. ( A 5’ 10" biscuit sort of thing). I used biofoam and I noticed it has a yellow tint to it. I’m going to glass it with epoxy and I don’t want to mess with pigments. Can I paint it white?

Let me clarify. I haven’t had enough coffee! I understand that some colors will crystalize the biofoam. Has any one had that trouble with white?

If memory serves me(and it often doesn’t) Ned wrote a whole peice on “crystalization”

I think it’s on the website.

I’ll look around and see if I have a copy of the email that I got from them about it

It’ll be later though. I haven’t had ANY coffee yet

Thanks Synergy. I’ll be hugging my cappuccino maker. Wait a minute! I’ve got to route out my fin boxes. Maybe I should cut back on the coffee. Don’t want the jjjjjjjjiiiitttteers.

I just finished shaping my first board. It is a 5’9" fish also shaped with bio-foam. I didn’t hear about the concerns with pigment, but I did hear that bio-foam will swell and contract in heat changes like leaving it in a car. Anyone hear other concerns with bio-foam?

the foam seems to have an off-white color to it.i know that was an issue with most when Ned first introduced it. some also complained about how hard it was to shape.i haven’t heard much about it lately.perhaps they got some of those issues worked out…

I use BioFoam and I have noticed that it swells over time. My stringers are now lower than the foam - they were flush when it was glassed. I talked to the guys at HomeBlown about this and they said it was an issue with some of they’re earlier foam, but it should be resolved now.

I think it shapes great; it has a tight cell structure so you can do a nice finish sanding on the blank. Be carefull when you are doing your final sanding of the hotcoat though; the blank can heat up and “cook” leaving a darker brown area. Keep the sander moving to not let one area get hot.

The color turns a nice creamy white/butter color after glassed and sanded. I like it. I have pictures on my website:

You may be referring to the Crystallization report done by Ice-9 for use with the sugar based Cane formula. If you are speaking of a different report then please excuse my intrusion into the thread. Here’s the link:

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Great post…

I thought I was the only crazy one who uses flat laytex house paint.

Hell no!

I use it in my spackle to seal the blank!

If you want some good “pastel” type colors, throw some tempera in it.

You have to be careful not to throw it on too thick though.

It’ll peel off like a water damaged wall…ask me how I know THAT one.

One of the first Biofoam blanks I shaped was for a showroom and I had it sprayed white by the glass shop I use. It took 6 coats before the painter was convinced that it didn’t look yellow any more. Then the laminator scraped it a little bit with the shears while cutting cloth, or it could even have happened with the squeegee, but whatever, it ended up with a smudgy area on the rail. They tried to fix it with a bit of fogging, but it still showed even though it was a sand-only finish. IMO all that paint didn’t help the weight either. However, the guy that bought it never noticed any flaw, and LOVES the board (is ordering another similar for bigger waves). My own personal from a Biofoam blank we sprayed with a “creamsicle orange”–really pretty but some crystalization in the lap area. So far the best luck we’ve had with Biofoam was for “old=style” looks–glass clear with volan cut-laps. Looks like Yaters that were glassed with isothalic resin.

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Of course I mean to seal an EPS blank. DUH!

I felt pretty dumb looking back and remembering we are talking about BioFoam.

Geesh…I’m just not on my game today.

Sorry guys

Don’t sweat ti todd. We all have our days. If it makes you feel any better I said “Hell with it” and just clear glassed it. Now it has a light sea foam green tint. I really hate the color. I should have waited for the posts to roll in.

Some guys have been known to seal polyurethane blanks. Walker Foam was often sealed as were other types of foams if they had boo boos. Before that, heavy opaque pigment panels covered a multitude of sins.

Chuck- saw the yellow bolt at wetsand-INSANE!!!

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   Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we are back producing soy foam again. We have a whole name and a cleaner pruduct. Malama foam is better than what used to be biofoam. All the same people are making it still and as a shaper I can vouge for it. let me know if you ever need any blanks. we are also starting to deal in other types of sustainable fabrics/materials. Check out the new website.


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