Yet another Home Depot (really Lowes) glue up

This is an excersize in construction methods and glassing practice. The neighbor girl wanted a surfboard to decorate her room.

The sheet is 3/4" 1# EPS.

The board is 5’1", whith a 16.75" wide point.

I used Gorilla glue and a spreader.

The out line is printed from DAT.

The sharpie bled through to the foam for the transfer of the outline.

The outline was cut with a $20 hot knife from Hobby Lobby.

I used a $30 random orbital sander with the $10 shop vac attachment.

Next I will shape the bottom then thin the top.

I wish my workshop had a rocking horse and a piano…

seriously, you have a good looking board so far.

Gluing up the rocker with a rocking horse… that’s classic!!

Yeah, I was working late at night waiting for the 2 month old to wake up and eat. I didn’t want to be running in and out of the house. The bottom is flatter than I thought it would be, but I’m having fun.

I did some more last night. I’ll wait till I have a 3 pic set to repost.

Here is the second installment.

I like the glue line because you can see the foil.

I don’t like the glue line because you can see it.

I missed the thread about spray paint melting styrofoam.

sand, spacle, sand, spacle, sand …

Final installment.

  1. Air brushed.

  2. Lammed with her logo.

  3. Did cheater coat on top.

  4. Sanded and washed bottom then fill coat.

btw, I didn’t forget the fins, she didn’t want any.

I have to say, for a hack like me epoxy is the way to go. Wife likes the lack of smell also.

I had fun.

Next is a #2 stringer cut 5’10". Can’t decide if I should go small fun/mal or try one of Lob’s fish outlines.

Thanks for looking.

Looks great. You hid the glue lines with the color?

I used the poster paint from hobby lobby/Michael’s and it worked well. I had to bring the color all the way in on the deck.

The extra spackle after the spray paint melted the foam helped, but they were still visible before the color.