yet more fish vid fun...

or search youtube for daniel thompson. The kid surfs good.

thanks for posting that consafos. like you said, he sure can surf.


Bloody hell, that was impressive. Hey Consafos, Chipper Ben says you’re the one to ask about the Swift Movement. I can’t seem to find much info about them and their boards.

Thanks for posting that video clip, it made me hungry to surf, and to shape a couple of new boards before my Indo trip


…I see a very good surfer and a machined shape…

finisher is not a shaper


you can’t fault the guys credentials- he’s been shaping since his teens with his dad (Aussie underground legend Mark Thomson) and George Greenough guiding him. He does some amazing high performance fish-ish shapes and is largely ignored by the internet set- not enough swishy resin tints and pinlines I guess, but definitely a good shaper/designer/surfer, and he’s still just a kid really. It’ll be interesting to see what he’s doing in ten years. (hopefully not working in a Brisbane surfshop selling t-shirts!)

I’m told that’s Pavel’s space he’s working in so the machined blanks all over would be Rich’s and I wouldn’t consider him a finisher either!

…ok, so may be he s a good designer.

but believe me that most of the “big” fish shapers are now finishers

the machine is the shaper

whats the point to use a couple of sandpaper, sign the shape and earn a lot of money?

to do a special fish you need to spend more time than a couple of sandpaper passes on the tail

also to glass and sandfinish the whole board / s

so is not pim pum pam, and you know here is the fish, blah blah blah


Longboard TV did a spot on the retro movement a while back and it featured Dan Thompson, among others. Good episode.

Here’s a link to a clip from that episode with Dan’s interview… Select the ‘Culture’ clip on the left nav bar when the media player launches.

Wow wide point - that clip featuring Bonga almost made me want to break out my log again…that longboard clip was great!

There’s another Longboard TV episode entirely on Bonga. He’s a great guy. Every lineup should have a Bonga in it.

He makes it look way too easy on that wave at Ehukai.