yo chipfish, or who ever else

hi there ben. havent had much time to nerd-out on my computer lately, our waves have been unexplainable the last month or so. Perfect, hollow, large… i cant describe- so i wont try.

anyhow finally got some digital of a few of my new sticks for you. i really hope they work onto the forum- else im gonna look like a dork who cant even post a pic on the net!! enjoy mate. talk soon

this is my everyday special stick… im going to post another message for ya with some shots of a little fish we were discussing a few weeks back, stay tuned

looks like those pics didnt stick- how embarrassing- ill try again later

hiya heist !

thanks for trying mate …

if you like I can pm you the process for posting pics. It’s also now at the head of the ?‘page’? of the forum. If you follow it through slowly and maybe try a few times, it hopefully should work for you…

don’t worry mate…it took me three or four times to suss it…I’m a complete spaz when it comes to computer stuff.

I only got this gizmo this year and it’s been trial and error ever since. But gradually it will come together. [If you told me a year ago I’d have a computer, and use it to contact people and ‘post’ photos, I would have laughed… and yet…]

okay, catchya mate ! 


it’s probably better you were out surfing good waves anyway…you lucky person you !

Glad you’ve been getting lots of good waves because there have not been too many in my part of the world but…our turn’s coming, I hope


Glad you’ve been getting lots of good waves because there have not been too many in my part of the world but…our turn’s coming, I hope

I think OURS came and went . I blinked, I missed it. [actually, I guess I DID photograph it, come to think of it!!]

here’s today’s offering out the front…onshore for the last two days…so desperate I surfed this yesterday, just to ‘get it to myself’ !!

…THIS weather pattern sometimes lasts for WEEKS !

Onshores in summer [three weeks time] are in by 8am… I dawn (4.30-5am) patrol for that reason… but there’s usually no swell. Hence the desire to make a mal to paddle.

So, board [and fins] making season fast approaches…


chipfish…wher are you at ?that looks like here…same ol same ol i might go grovel in that crap and probally have a good time.

you were desperate mate! sometimes wave starvation forces us into surfing that kind of slop

Just checked the long range forecast, not looking too bad for Saturday at this stage…Heres hoping

Yep, it’s going to be just fine

Looks like really light easterlies, I’m excited, pity the swell is dropping…




chipfish…where are you at ? that looks like here…same ol same ol I might go grovel in that crap and probably have a good time.*

scarborough beach , perth , west australia

…the same place all my ‘share the stoke’ beachbreak photos were taken… over the YEARS!! (Every dog has it’s day…)

And, so, where are YOU located , have ? [apart from in front of these adddictive devices, that is!

I have a computer, too…]

  • I did TRY and have a good time…sometimes , as Gray said, you just get desperate and almost “HAVE” to do it ! hehe

my beach, on a different day…

Eastelies!?? YOUR CRAZY!!!

Damn Westcoasters, we have onshores in eastelies, Westelies all the way.

Have Fun in the limited swell, What we had all Winter on the East Coast, Perfect Offshores but NO swell maybe 2ft at best, oh well Cyclone Seasons comming and some local semi secrets should be Firering!


PS… I wish i lived on the Goldie’ During cyclone season, 40000000000000m waves!!!