You down with EPP?????

Yesterday I had someone bring 2 epp blanks in. Anyone ever shaped and glassed EPP?

I wont get around to them until next week at least. I am going to hand shape one and throw one on the machine. Same board, glass one poly and one epoxy.

Hard to finish,feels oily, doesn’t sand cleanly, dents easily, and distorts in shaping racks; you gotta love the stuff.  Always up for the challenge.

Like the website!

Where did you find the stuff?

A distributor I know is looking at producing blanks. so they have a few mock-ups they dropped by. Its honestly more of a plastic that looks like a foam, than a foam.

Worked with this stuff 20 some odd years ago.  Tricky to mold, had to be cured in an oven post molding.  Didn't hold shape too well when out of the mold.  High reject rate.  We sold it to package hard drives then, which were delicate and expensive.  Don't see it around in products much anymore but I'm out of the biz.  Might have its place, but it is really close to Polyprop and would be really hard to shape.  I can't see it replacing eps and as long as we can use pu/pe construction, I think its a lose - lose proposition.  I am curious as to the cost of the molds and whom is molding the blanks in the US...  Just my 2c....

Its not molded blanks they are sled cut from blocks like EPS foam is usually. And similar to EPS poly and epoxy both bond to it. The machine I think will melt it normally so how slow it needs to be cut is a big factor.

From a glassers standpoint I would be concerned with the bead gap and how much resin epp would soak up.  As I was a molder not a glasser at the time I did a lot of molding with this material.  All of this is sheer speculation based on my experience with the material as we never saw a "shaped" surface but a molded one.  Also, you would need to shape it with an abrasive drum and the finish would never be as fine as common construction.  Our bead size was quite large as that what the manufacturer made.  (I think BASF or maybe ARCO, don't remember) It was what was known as "B to A" size which was larger than "C" which was the eps block size at that time.  Please let us know what your experiences are with it.  I had cut some with a hot wire at that time and the gassing was a problem even greater than eps.  Lots of bad shat in the air for sure!

I dont think EPP will have any benefits as a blank if you glass cover the blank. EPP has greater strength en especially memory than EPS and is used for example as a foam in high end helmets. If you use it on the outside however I think it works great, I think its used by surflight hawaii. you can compare standard surfboard construction with an insect hard on the outside soft inside. This board has a hard structure inside and is soft on the outside.

Next time I will try to fabricate a board this way, I can see some benefits there.

i have three surflights and would own more 

they are great

travel well 

don’t hurt when you hit them

don’t need wax

and surf better than a firewire or surftech


jim and croteau figure out the real answer to solve the “flex” problem deacdes ago just like Tom Morey did before them 

Watch this video, it shows the surflight factory working on a board.

Unlikely;   For all the reasons named above and more.  $#!t don’t get it.

Yeah, and you are one of two or three people probably worldwide who would even buy one.  Obviously you love "Surftechs and “Soft-Tops”, but just because a guy like Croteau experiments with stuff that doesn’t work doesn’t mean it is viable.

Rode the surflight and it works. Not sure what bull your spewing out McDing. Did you ride on or two? Have you seen the newer models?

May not be as good as some other boards, but they have a place. I’m going to use one when I get in the water because I want something softer for a while until I get 100% healed.

Also way too expensive!
I was thinking about doing one of my jigsaw blanks with the vvh eps I usually put in the tail replaced with epp in that area. Cost went from $18 a blank to $70 a blank (sheet was 4’ x2’ and cost was $159… ) could only cut 3 tail pieces out of the epp slab. The idea I had was to have an exposed tail of epp and the rest of the board normally glassed eps blank. Thinking the flex would be something else! The fins and legropes plugs would be into epp and no use for a tail pad!
The sample I had was heaps heavier, hard to shape and normal glue I use to join my pieces of my blank didn’t stick well to epp. It also made a week point in the blank!

Haven’t given up on the idea… But sitting back on my “back burner”

I used epp form foamy airplane models. Strong against impact but no stiffness, I use carbon tube insert. Near no glue adhesion. Momify with plastic scoth over. For surfboards blanks with laminate over, eps is far better.