Your favourite outline (and other fun stuff)

I’ve come to view outlines as being nearly independent of the other elements of a surfboard such as rocker. But that’s not really what I am asking. But while I am here, do you have a favourite outline or if the board has good rocker, rails and foil, and does it really matter if the length and width is suited to the riders weight? I will try and clarify this by saying rail bands reflect the rocker in the outline up into the deck.

So you can have any outline you like, if the rocker is still the same, it will carry up into the deck in just the same way. Correct? This is why I view outlines as being independent of rails, foil and rocker. Say for example if you turned your outline template into a rocker template and compare it to the rocker that is actually in your board the two would likely not match. Should they?