Zen, The Art Of Surfboard Repair

I am trying to put together a collection of short stories of (repairs)/(shaping accidents needing repair) people have had to deal with. I am going to call this online book "Zen, The Art of Surfboard Repair, A Collection of Short Stories. TikTokMan has inspired me to do this, as to make for a good laugh to all Swaylockians. all credit will go where credit is due. each story will be credited to the person who sent it in. I will post the complete work once I have atleast 50 pages of material to work with. It will be free of course and anyone can send in stories or post them on this thread. my e-mails are scott.mucci@benham.com or Smucci@tulane.edu Thanks in advance to all who contribute to this project.

Howzit Scott, I bet you can find more than 50 pages in the archives alone. But I like your idea.Aloha,Kokua

O Ya, If anyone has any cool artwork for the front page, please post it… ill put it up to vote on which should be on front. the rest will not be neglected, however, they will appear at the front page of each chapter. I want to be fair to all you guys who work hard at doing what you do. I really appreciate you guys and Swaylocks alot.

Oh, oh. Now I’m really in trouble.

Read Pirsig’s book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to get the notion, if you have not already read it.


Hi Scott-

Help yourself to anything from http://jfmill.home.comcast.net/dings/dingdex.html

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Alright, Doc’s source is the first chapter in Zen. Im working on some artwork right now. the final product will be available in Microsoft Word. PLEASE send in stories or info. but im mainly looking for funny stories about any repairs or shaping disasters. example: dropping your surfboard off the rack while glassing and having permanent leaves and sticks glassed into your board. please make the stories at least 2 pages long and have fun w/ a story line and fake names (if too embarased to reveal your own).