zig pin

How long do I need to let a zig pen pinline dry when doing it over the hotcoat. I waited an hour, hit it with acrylic, and watched the pin disappear before my eyes! Hair dryer, perhaps? Thanks, Gary

Howzit Luckylab, Zig pens are pigment ink and have proven to be very permenant. I prefer zigs over Posca pens. Are you going to do a gloss over the pin line? Seems strange that it would disappear just putting an acrylic spray over it. Where did you get your Zig pen, the supplier here on Kauai no longer carries them and I’m looking for a new source. Aloha, Kokua

can you gloss over Zig? I’ve done a few tests and they all melt except for the water based pens from Walmart.

Got it at Michaels. It is a narrow pen though (only one they carried.) I taped off the lines with some 3M double-pin tape I got at Fiberglass Supply. I redrew the pins, let em dry overnight, and hit w/ acrylic this morning. They stayed this time. I thought I read in the archives to hit the zig pin with acrylic prior to gloss. Not necessary? Thanks, Gary

Howzit JR., I gloss over Zig opaque writer pens and never have any problems. The only problem I have is I can’t find any Zig Opaque writer pens with a 6mm wedge tip anymore. I know they’re out there but all my online searches have come up with no results. Aloha, Kokua

Howzit Luckylab, Once zig opaque writer has dried the only way I’ve found to remove it is with acetone(messy) or sand it off. Aloha, Kokua

If you are going to got to all the trouble of taping off a pin why dont you just spray it?If you dont have the equipment you can run down to the auto parts store and buy a spray can of acrylic lacquer(its touch up paint).Shoot a clear coat of acrylic before pulling the tape.A can costs around five bucks and you can do a pile of boards with it.But…I like resin pins. R.B.