#0004 completed - 6'10 Big guy thruster

Hi y’all - just finished a 6’10 x 20 x 13 x 14 x 2.75 big guy thruster with ProBox boxes and fins - Thanks PROBOX!

i decided to paint on top of hotcoat on this board. I did a kind of paint swirl using my fingers and acrylic red and orange. On the deck i tried for a mambo style look - ended up looking very strange but im happy with the colours. I probably wont paint on hotcoat again as it was soooo easy to sand onto the hotcoat and into the paint. also, every little pinhole/mistake gets filled with paint and if you want to wipe it offor change design, you are stuck with paint everywhere - never again. my next board will be getting a resin/foam swirl. Getting better at gloss coats though im still getting minute scratches. the rails are low with the majority of the meat in the middle of the board. i’m about 220lbs so it should float me and paddle well. Bottom is flat to single concave under feet to double out back to flat through back/tail. tail is 14 wide so should help with the paddling. Rocker is about 5.5 in nose and 2.5 or so in tail. ive found this rocker for me to be an ideal compromie between paddling ease and making steepish take offs. ive thinned out the rails to make ti turn as my last board has very boxy rails and i have found it hard to really turn. Cant wait to surf it!





super cool dude…looks like a great board for big surf in Israel. ( as big as it gets haahaa)

let us know how it rides.

funny monster u drew there :slight_smile:

I won’t discuss the artwork (that’s too personal a thing) but I do like your outline very much. It’s very well-balanced, very neutral, very eye-pleasing. I’ll bet it works fine in many different types of waves. Congrats!

What’s the monster eating? Is it eating a yellow sponge?

What's the monster eating? Is it eating a yellow sponge?

Yeah Im kinda interested in the story to the deck art,

Random?? Or…

Kinda agree with the overall shape though, looks like a great allrounder.

Nice looking board. Hope it works well for you.


What’s the monster eating? Is it eating a yellow sponge?

:))))))) killed me :)))

Thanks for all the kind words…im really pleased with the outline too. Glassing is such a huge challenge though, dont you think? i make so many little mistakes that translate down the line into the glassing and hotcoating/glossing stage.

The monsters on the deck came about on a late night in the shaping room and i painted some red and yellow splotches and decided one had to be a monster. He is eating another smaller yellow monster who is crying red-blood tears (yes, it was a very late night).

The bottom was more by accident as i had to cover up some crappy hotcoat resin that was blue (crap resin/lesson learned). it looks ok, much better than i thought it would. next board will have a either a resin tint or a foam swirl (so i can still use UV resin). painting on hotcoat really lets you know how far you have to go in respect to glassing and hotcoating!

Cant wait to wax her up and get her in the water!

cheers again fellas