#002 ready to glass (w/ pics)... but a fin question

Here’s my second. My first original, so now it’s my first template to work from.

5’9" x 18.7" x 2.25" diamond tail

nose:6.25" (rocker: 3.25")

tail: 7.25" (rocker: 1.10")

widepoint: 34.5" from tail

single to double concave

As far as the fins go, my original idea was to make it a standard single, but i’ve now been contemplating adding two sidebite fins. A base no biger than 3" and height no more than 2.5".

At the same time, i don’t want to ruin the wholesomeness of a single.

Any input/experience with this design?

Really craving a place to shape…i’m starting to understand how light plays into clean lines and rails. I think lighting plays a big part in using the planer on the rails; without it you really cant tell what the hell the planer is doing. So after every couple passes i run the board through my hands to try and feel the rails to see how it’s going.

Also found the baby block plane to be much more accurate and easier to use when taking down the stringer.

that board looks like a 3 fin bonzer waiting to happen.

Only issue with the bonzer idea would be the concave.

The concave I had originally planned was a deeper double concave like a bonzer (or some singlefins) have, but I didn’t want to go to deep and mess things up. So now i have a much more mellow double concave through the back.

Don’t have any experience doing glass ons either… do they sell glass on bonzer fins?

I’m sure I keep saying the same thing over and over about fins but, 2 + 1 is always a great option- big single and a couple of little sidebites on that would be great, and you could throw a starfin in for a change, or a Greenough flex, or a gullwing, or make something specific, or bug Chipfish for loan of a few- options are a nice thing. I keep repeating myself re the widowmaker/starfin deal, but I’ve found they work well for me and that’s about all that really counts I guess.

Been milling over ideas in my head all afternoon. With a 5’9" singlefin as pretty much my standard board, at least around here, it intrigued me what a widowmaker could do in more powerful surf.

This board will be part of a 2 board travel quiver (haha if that’s what you call it), the other board being my 6’1" standard thruster.

Normally i bring my singlefin, but it gets tough to duckdive (i’m 5’9 130 lbs) in bigger surf. The takeoff can make me feel like a fart in a windstorm.

The idea behind the board was to make a more managable singlefin that could perform in more powerful surf.

A widowmaker (2+1, whatever) it will be, but the options are overwhelming… Fin size, setup, shape, cant, etc.

still puzzled how this sucker works…

they almost look like slightly modified wakeboard fins…

Yep, I have no idea what’s going with that board except that maybe Neil can ride anything well so got very creative there! Here (hopefully) is my widow setup, and I’d definitely advise looking at the Schnub board on litmus.com.au- it’s more in the size/shape range of what your building.

the size you’re guessing for the little fins seems pretty on the mark though, and you’ll definitely feel the difference from a single fin, but the similarites are there as well. Fun.

I’d bet it works just fine.

I use to have a board shaped by ACE (he posts here sometimes) that had three little triangle fins on it, along with two bigger fins. It worked gangbusters.

No reason a fin can’t be that shape and work well…

Go for it.