1/16 inch thick Basswood 16 feet X 2 foot

SUP stringers anyone?  I have over 100 pieces of sliced basswood from the East Coast, well seasoned.  All of it is 16 feet long, and averages about 2 foot wide.  Excellent quality, except there are a few spots that need to be worked around,(where the tree limbs were?) but rated top quality otherwise.  The price would depend on quantity, but much lower than from any industrial sources.  A long transportation bed would be necessary, a long van would probably work.   PM sickdog if interested..HB Area

Not sure how much of this I could buy.  What would be the average cost per stick?

I bought this stack (a quarter flitch, or something like that), 2, or 3 years before Clark left the industry.  I would like to sell it all because it takes up 35 sq ft. of floor space.  I was told that prices had doubled since I bought it.  It is a hassel to sell just a sheet, but am glad to do so for Swaylock members,  A few months ago two of the big blank companys said to bring some by,  What with all I am doing have not yet done so.  I am still trying to figgure out what I should charge, as dumb as that sounds, I will arrive at some price soon.  Being as some stringer loving SUPers will pay $100 extra for a stringer, it will be something reasonable.  I bought it thinking,  several longboard stringers &  shortboard stringers from each sheet. My blank glue-ups were either 1, 2, or 3 ply.  The blank glue-up was the plywood press.