10 FT sup Twin fin location

What is the consensus of positioning twin fins on a 10 ft SUP?

Board has13 inch tail. 1ft from tail width is 19.25 inches and max width is 31 inch.

Would like to know how far up from tail to position the fins and how far from c/l out toward rail.

Trapezoidal fins will be glassed in. Board is hollow ,strip planked rails and pine deck and bottom from scrap pine lumber we had.


SSF-Not much SUP discussion here. I think glass-on twins would be an option-killer. Pic of Larry Allison enclosed. Boxes, boxes, boxes…You could also try asking on Standupzone or Tree to Sea.

Jrandy. Thanks for the info and SUP sites.

Some sweet SUP boards in pic.

surfsailingfisherman, Hi my friend. Call me at the fin factory 310-530-1383, I will be happy to help you. Mahalo, Larry