10' Gordie - can anyone help?

This is mine, it’s a watertight rider, knifey rails, HEAVY.

Who would know anything about Gordies? I’m curious about it’s age, value, and anything else.

I bought it up in New Hampshire.

I have more pictures.

Thanks & all the best


Hi John - Looks like a nice board, I’ll take a stab…

Gordon Duane/Huntington Beach area.

If the fin is original, maybe early/mid-sixties time period. Earlier stock boards pretty much had the full skeg “D” fin as a standard issue item. The “speed” fins came a little later. Lots of “D” fins have been modified though so take a look at the trailing edge for signs of reshaping.

Value maybe somewhere around 500-600 dollars(?)

A pretty clean early 60s model (note “D” fin) went recently on Ebay for $700.


I once knew a guy named Chuck Burgess. He had the distinction of having an 8 or ten (top half of each…) page sequence in Surfer magazine ('66?) of him going through the Huntington Beach pier on a rather large wave. He told me he designed the Gordie logo. I have no reason to not believe him. Surf-trivia.

Contact Steve Boehne at Infinity (infinsurf@aol.com). Gordie was Steve’s mentor and he shaped a lot of the brand. Infinity is now making new Gordies both classic and slightly updated. They have the original logo and the signature nose/tail blocks Gordie was known for. Most are volan with exotic stringer arrangements. These are currently selling for about $800, so a rideable original wouldn’t be worth more.