101 freeway near Rincon


for those that dont know:

La Conchita near Rincon is the only place in the Continental U.S. that never gets frost,

consequently in that small area they grow Bananas commercially.

Bananas are also grown in scattered areas in S.Florida.

La Conchita has a history of rain mudslides.


Thanks for posting that url. I’d heard that happened earlier but for some reason KEYT Santa Barbara just fumbled their storm coverage all evening - it drove me up the wall. It seemed at best they could only find about 2 of the “5 W’s” of journalism tonight. No wonder the internet is killing traditional news sources. I just sent the url to their news desk and GM.



for those that dont know:

La Conchita near Rincon

in that small area they grow Bananas commercially.

Well, they used to…they tore out the bananas and planted Avos there now.

I think the water is unsurfable for a while. Toxic chocolate milk w/ trees mixed in

la conchita-seaside hamlet, also home to deadly mudslides.as of this am KP and i (as i am sure some of you too)have several friends that live their, some are OK, some are still unaccounted for, and though it doesn’t look good, we pray and hope for the best.


I think the water is unsurfable for a while. Toxic chocolate milk w/ trees mixed in

Since a number of Swaylaholics are in and around the Ventura and SB areas and a bunch more pass through this way, and since I retain an old career habit of news-surfing espeically when things are happening, a little status report as of Tuesday Jan.11:

PCH has been closed at County Line for a day or so. Huge flows out Mugu Lagoon from Conejo and Callegas (sp?) Creeks. No word about sewage discharges from Thousand Oaks or Camarillo (both into Conejo Creek).

Highway 101 is closed “indefinitely” between Ventura and SB. It had been closed in 2-3 places before the La Conchita landslide. For the moment there is supposedly no way open between Ventura and SB (Highway 33 to Ojai has been closed).

The Rincon Parkway is apparently closed. Also partly flooded and covered with mud.

Most inconvenient of all: huge sewage spill into Ventura River. Not expected to be stopped Tuesday. Something like 850,000 gallons per day of untreated raw sewage going out at the point in Ventura, mixed with massive rainfall runoff which has been sweeping flooded Casitas Springs, ag runoff from Ojai Valley, and ag and oil industry runoff from the Ventura Avenue area. Smart people will figure 72 hours at a minimum for staying out of the water…after the sewage spill stops.

This too shall pass, and it pales in comparison to loss of life.

Neighbors identified one of the dead men as Tony Alvis, who had lost his former home to the 1995 landslide but bought another just across the street.

Hey Skip ,Tony was a GOOD freind . He was the most giving person and will be missed greatly, my heart is heavy today . Pray for the others that are still missing and hurt. Via con Dios Tony.

Yeah Kirk, Tony was a special man. He knew all the trails around Ventura

County and was a pack-outfitter. the horses in the pasture past LC were his. He and his brother Dan grew up in LC. Tony was a total soul surfer and great person to know.

We will miss you, Tony and send prayers to Dan and his family.

After looking at the link I found that the picture of San Fernando was of the street where I lived 3 years ago. The green trees to the left is where the driveway of the house starts. LC has seen a lot of tragedy over the years. You have to be strong to stay for long. I hope they let the folks who still have houses standing stay. If you want to really see some photos and video go to http://www.venturacountystar.com/vcs/news/

It looks to me like the slide basically hit right on Tony and Dan’s house and went as far as it could until the houses ground together and stopped it. Pray for the folks underneath the wreakage.

CRUZIN, Tony ,Dan and Greg were out in front shootin the bull and Dan walked down to look at the beach. Greg and Tony went back in the house. Greg said they heard it start to go and they both hit it out the door haulin ass,Greg went off one way and Tony the other.Greg got caught between 2 cars and he said that saved him. Tony just got takin over by it . Greg had surgery this morning ,a 2 by 4 went thru his leg and hes banged up but will be alright . Tony and I did some fun stuff this past year ,Im glad for that , its been a long day Im gonna crack a few Tecates.

Thanks for filling me in Kirk. This is Doug formerly from Sex Wax. I went by their house last week and they weren’t home, sorry I missed them. I guess Dan lost his woodies and all his stuff, that sucks but nothing is as bad as losing your brother.

tis indeed a sad and heavy day-the loss of Tony(god rest his gentle soul)- and others we know, who are still buried but hopefully hangin’ on- have us in deep thoughts and prayers…

Was just in my shop and heard Mule skinner blues by Ramblin Jack . Tony loved that one.Memorial tomm.Happy trails Tony see you on the other side . Numoro uno Vaqueros de Las Olas.