10oz. Volan + Resin Tint = More than usual catlyst?

Gonna laminate the log today…temps should be right around 75-80 at the time. I don’t have the chart in front of me at the moment, but if I remember correctly, it was right around 9-10cc’s of catalyst per Quart (for 1%). I’m going to mix one big bucket with color to make sure it’s uniform, and then catalyze about 2 quarts for the bottom layer (10oz. Volan). Since I’m using heavy cloth and lots of tint/pigment, should I use more than the recommended dose of catalyst? I’m NOT in a rush, so if it only means that it’ll take longer to kick, that’s fine. If however it will have a negative effect on the bond, or somehow make the glass job weak, I’d like to put in the proper amount to do the job right. Thanks for any advice.

Uhmm- usually, the thicker the layup ( or fill) the faster it goes off. On the other hand, pigments slow things down.

But, if you’re glassing outside, the sunlight will kick the resin a bit faster if it’s dark tint: It’ll heat up faster. So, I’d maybe go a little light on the catalyst.

At worst, you have a longer work time, which is prolly good on a log with heavy cloth ( that doesn’t distort/form around curves nearly as well as the light stuff ) and tint and everything complicating the issue.

Hope that’s of use


Thanks Doc,

I’ll be laminating inside a garage, so the sunlight won’t be an issue. Thanks for the advice.

With a colored tint you want to make sure it kicks pretty fast, if not the resin will drain out of the glass into the foam and leave dry spots, and blotches. I’d say no less than 10 -15cc per quart with color. Plus it depends on the kind of blank mfger your using too. (just ask Keith M)