11.3 rocker dims.......

Having built the Matchstick, the Giant Banana and now having completed a 10’ for a friend and 6.9 fish for my partners son, I am embarking on my next task, all 11.3 of it.

Now I have seen some pretty decent boards in the archive photo’s, read as much in the threads as I can find, have a general view of what I want, however, does any one have some actual dims of a good rocker for a board this size that will nose ride well, as well as tandem. Any ideas and figures much appreciated.

Hi Kudu222, here is a link to some photos of my friend Ohana riding the 11’3" SUP/mega-longboard/tandem board that I made him out of the 11’3" Burford blank:


Since I wanted to keep the greatest amount of volume in that board, I basically followed the lines of the blank, just rounding the nose somewhat but I left the original rocker of the blank. Looks like it works pretty well like that and Ohana is more and more stoked with it every new session… The Burford catalog says 4 15/16" nose rocker and 2 13/16" tail rocker for this blank.

Have fun!

Hi Balsa

I will have a look at this tomorrow.

By the way, had Fabrice Colas and friends over here 2 weeks ago for the tides, Mark Humpage took some amazing photo’s from a microlight which were all over the national press here, the photo’s can be seen on the bore forum index. I believe he (Fabrice) lives just around the corner from you. He says there is a fantastic break there, up to 4m…

Thanks for the tips, is the board that is in the archive?



Thanks for the tips, is the board that is in the archive?


Yes it is, Simon. This board has had two little sisters since then. One is going to Brittany soon and the other one was ordered by a guy who lives in Rome… I’m glassing it today, as a matter of fact.