11' Velzy need information

I have just acquired an 11’ Velzy that has been reglassed and covered with white pigmented resin. I am trying to find out when it was made? From some research I have done I am thinking 1959-1960 but I very well may be wrong. Thanks in advance for any help!


Aloha Vince,
In 1959, VELZY was still half of the Velzy and Jacobs, label. In 1960, after the split with Jacobs, was when I shaped for Velzy. The label was then Surfboards by VELZY. The label your board has probably dates from the 1961 to 1964 time period.

Aloha Bill,
Thanks for the fast response and information. Did you you ever run into Bruce Meyers back then?

Met Bruce Meyers? Yes. I left a message about that in your PM’s. You can re-post it in the forum, if you wish.

Thanks Bill for your reply:

“Aloha Vince,
I answered you, in your post on the forum, about your surfboard. Your question about Bruce Meyers, was a surprise. I met Bruce on a Saturday, in neither 1965 or 1966, at his MYERS MANX factory, in Costa Mesa, Ca. The factory was closed, and I was looking through the locked gates with my buddy Fred (who wanted to buy a MANX) when Bruce Meyers drove up. After a quick conversation, he offered us a private tour of the factory. Which we gladly accepted. He seemed to be a really nice guy. That was the only time I ever met him. He then sent us to one of his dealers, PEPPER TREE AUTOMOTIVE, to look at Manx’s for sale. Turns out the salesman at Pepper Tree Automotive, was non other than Dale Velzy, all decked out in boots, Levi’s, and cowboy hat. He showed us some cars available at the time, and about a week or so later Fred bought a blue metallic Myers Manx. While I met Bruce, I didn’t know him. He sure was an interesting guy to talk to, especially about his automotive creation.

That was a fantastic story, I was only 5 when you toured Bruce’s factory, but I still envy your opportunity.

The reason I ask about Bruce is that he worked for/with Dale in the early 50’s and got his fiberglass experience at that time. I believe that this helped with his creation of the Meyers Manx dune buggy.

After reading Dale’s book I am very sorry that I never got to meet him. He sounded like he was quite a character and just a great all around guy. How he mentored so many shapers, glassers, surfers etc is incredible to me. I also attribute (in a small way) the creation of the fiberglass dune buggy to his interaction with Bruce.

My story on meeting Bruce is tied to surfing and shaping a board. I have surfed for over 40 years and have wanted to make my own boards for almost that long. I did not get the chance to try till I moved to the Outer Banks of NC (2000, started shaping in 2005) and met a few of the local shapers who gave me some pointers and advice. I have shaped, painted and glassed over 60 boards. (which I know only makes me a beginner) But I really enjoy the feeling of catching that first wave on a board you made yourself.

I got into dune buggies around the same time as shaping boards and the fiberglassing repair work helped both hobbies. I found out about the Meyers Manx at this time and after seeing an interview with Bruce where he talked about surfing, sailing and the beach I knew I had to find an original Manx and restore it for myself. I was able to find one and restored it over an 8 month period. I then heard that Bruce had come out with a new Manx (2007-8) called the “Kick-Out” (like the surfing move) and he was showing it in Carlisle PA. The logo for the Kick-Out was a fish like surfboard. I decided I would make Bruce a surfboard that he could use as a promotional prop on top of his buggy, I had done a few “faux balsa” boards and I figured it would be a perfect finish for the board.

My father and I took it up to Carlisle, I had it in a bag and when I brought it over to where Bruce was signing autographs he thought I wanted him to sign it. I told him that the board was for him and when I pulled it out of the bag he was floored. (we have been friends ever since)

I started a yearly dune buggy event here on the Outer Banks in October 2011 and Bruce has been to all 7 and he will be back this year. You are welcome to come out, we usually have surf and the water is still in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s.

The following pictures are of the board I made Bruce and my latest Manx with Bruce and I on the beach. I wanted to get this Velzy to put on top of my Manx and show Bruce when he come out this year. Thanks again for your story, and if you have any more about Dale please post them or PM me.

Aloha Vince,
Great photo’s of Bruce. I’m delighted to know that he’s still around. One of the highpoints of the ‘‘factory tour’’ was Bruce telling about the Baja Mex Race, and showing us the red Manx, that was the car they drove. It was one of his earliest units, and looked a little bit rough. I asked him why he didn’t use one of the later models, with the great color coats, and matching upholstery. He answered instantly, that the red car while several years old, ‘’…was completely de-bugged.‘’ Reliability being the foremost consideration, for that kind of race.

Hi Bill,
The red car was the first car he built by hand (that started it all) he calls it “Old Red” and he still has it. He and it were inducted into the HVA (Historic Vehicle Association) a few years back. His was the second induction into that Association. Since it was in DC I was able to drive my Manx up there to be part of it.

The NORRA (National Off-Road Racing Association) inducted him into their hall of fame last year. We have a half a dozen or so members racing their Manxes in this years Baja race.

Thanks again!

I would sand all that white pigment off. I’d be dying to see what was under there.

I doubt this was reglassed. Looks like someone just did the typical solid pigment disguise job.

A friend of mine dragged it out of the trash and it was pretty beat up. I maybe should have said repaired and made it water tight then pigmented over that to make it a uniform color.