12' Stock Paddleboards

Hi there, I wanna make a 12’ stock paddleboard, eps/epoxy, and have no idea where to start with dimensions etc… i weigh 81kg, i’m 6’5’’ and will be using it in flat estuaries and calm to slightly wind chopped sea. want it mainly for a smooth gliding knee paddle, to get paddling stamina good etc. please shower me with advice and pictures etc!!! lol. cheers dudes.

I made this one in 1987 13’ x 12" nose x 22" wide x 9" tail 4 1/2’’ thick. Yes class size is 12’. I made some faster ones 21" wide. I liked this one for exercise and HOW IT SURFED, its not that slow just alittle more comfortable. I am 6’3" tall 220lbs.


Dayummm ACE…That thing is stealthy as hell!! Absolutley love the outline! How much rocker you got in dat puppy?? Is she stable mable side to side when knee paddling??

Lookin good man. its got a fair bit of rocker tho… is that standard for a stock paddleboard? or did you make it like that so its better for surfin too? i was kinda thinkin of somethin with a nose like the ones on the unlimited class, with the vee in the nose. whats the pros/cons?

sweet twinnie too.

I made that one for launching in and out of the surf. It paddles really well in flat water also. I have made some with a bow type entry they seem to slice through chop a little better. The board in the pic has pretty heavy nose V. Flatter bottom makes it nice and stable. Most important thing is to keep em RIGID, Lots of flex gets in the way. Also they don’t have to be light, easier to carry, but don’t maintain momentum as well.

ok, so to narrow it down a bit, i want it to be a bow type entry… keep posting, cheers everyone!

Merryn, here’s the outline of an Eaton 16.

I have one just about like that, but with no tiller. When I was talking to Mike about making it, he explained that there are 3 different nose outlines: rough water, flat water, and crosswind. All 3 have the deep boat-hull type entry. The flat water is deepest but also narrowest. The rough water is thick and wide, so you don’t bury it, especially railroading swells downwind. And the crosswind one is thinner so you sit lower in the water.

Board width at the center also runs along those 3 categories, and then also goes in & out depending on how much knee paddling you want to do vs. how fast you want it to be. So 20" or less is fast, but rolls. 21" is a little slower, but more stable. For people who knee paddle a lot, he also digs the kneewells deeper.

Looking at the photo above, I’d say its pretty versatile in that its got a fuller nose outline, wider center, and deep kneewells. The “nose” measurements aren’t like the 12"-in numbers on surfboards, but more about how full the curves are from center to tip. Draw nice curves and don’t worry about numbers too much and the board will behave :slight_smile:

You can’t see from the outline, but the thickness goes all the way to the tail, just like on ACE’s board. The end of the tail comes together kind of like the blade of a splitting maul, if you can picture that, just without the up & down flare.

Good luck!