13footofwood Hawaii Test Drive?

Mr Melville coming back to town for the Marathon.

Sounds like a reason for another Swaylocks surf get togethor neo need picnic just surf…

how about we find some not too crowded mellow spot close enough to shoot from shore and we pick up Roy’s wood board from Randy and have a swaylock’s equipment test drive.

Granted some of use are going to be a little too big but I think a one day test run with a bunch of different folks with associated ride reports would be a good thing…

main thing is to pick a place where we won’t put others in the water or on the beach (no leash) or ourselves in any danger because of our antics… places like that are hard to come by this time of year…





White Plains?



or pipeline? I’ll bring a camera, for sure.


Calling all Oahu Swaylockers…

how about an informal surf get togethor

next Saturday morning

December 13th

at Haubush or Kalaeloa(Barbers Point/Officer Beach)

Keith Melville and wife are coming into town Dec 12 for the Honolulu Marathon(Sun?).

Haleiwa Bill currently has the 13’ piece of wood and I’m trying to see if I can get a hold of it by next Saturday so everyone can have a go out with it in some “get to know it” kind of surf away from any crowds who might get hurt from a rampaging leashless 30lb piece of wood coming at them. Cause I bet we’re all gonna fall off of it alot like Randy did on his first go out…

Be an opportunity for everyone to see it in person (if I can get a hold of it) and give it a go just to say you did and to leave your first impressions on the big red bag. It’d be good to get this out of the way so it can continue on its journey in the country…


I hope you don’t mind

But I might put on a Brown Camo Sup Pad or piece of cork where this so called “sweet spot” is so none of us will have difficulty finding it right off the bat… We can take it off and clean it up afterwards…

Anyone have a brown camo SUP pad they want to donate?

Probably 3’x2’ should be big enough.

If not I’ll stop over at Waipio and checks Eddie and Blane’s shop to see if they have something small I can buy…

I do have cork without any adhesive backing

but I don’t think it’ll be grippy enough

although it might look nicer…

I need to know where though

Haubush or Barbers (but the O-beach lifeguards might kick us out)

so let me know…

Again I still don’t know if I can get the board from Bill

maybe I can also convince him to bring it down for us? …