19?? Wardy

I got this Wardy from a friend and was wondering if anyone could help with when it was built.  I know the fin is original but was reshaped with a hacksawby one owner then refoiled by the guy I got it from.  The serial # is 3060 or 3000, it’s hard to see.

Glass-on fin, T-band stringer; just a guess I’d say '65.

That was my guess too

from the fin remnants behind the fin obviously a D fin before being reshaped.  My barn find Wardy is thought to be a 64’.

Such a beauty! And great job on the fin repair.

Your pics do not appear on my end. I get a big, empty, white rectangle. Like this

If I right click, then “copy image location”, pasting the result gives me this

Probably 1962-63. On most 60s boards the serial number means pretty much nothing. However, according to Stoked n Board Wardy hit number 6000 by 1963.

The general look of the board says early 60s.

thnx…my first custom was a 64’ Wardy (ordered from Al Giddings at the Bamboo Reef Dive Shop in San Francisco) so finding this board meant a lot to me…


Your pics are now visible. I’ll be damned if I know what the glitch was when I previously commented.

That’s a nice Wardy. Great fin color. Fred was a master.

just after purchasing the Wardy I was contacted by an art historian who had been perusing Jamboards for any info on Wardy surfboards, looking for material on the pre-story before Wardy walked away from shaping in 67’, which is when he moved to New York, pursuing what turned into a highly respected career as a painter and  sculptor, and opened up a co-op art gallery that did much to break the stranglehold art galleries had on local artists at the time.  

She said Fred was living out his end years in Long Beach, having returned to the west coast to be by his daughter.  She shared the photos of the Wardy with Fred, said he got a kick out of seeing one of his former boards.

When Greg Noll was discussing old school shapers  during a lunch in Crescent City over a decade ago, he stated “Wardy was the best damn shaper of all of us.”