1960's Hawaiian surfer Ralph Hawn

Trying to find information about Hawaiian surfer from Waimanalo, Oahu named Ralph Hawn who was active in competition there around 1965-6. . He spent some time on Long Beach Island, NJ prior to that. Also later worked as trainer at Sea Life Park. Want to include his story in book I am writing.  Please advise. Kathy King, Mahealanikk@gmail.com. 808-450-1841. Thanks for your consideration. 

Wish I could help.  So many from that era are fading away.  I’m sure Rabbit or George Downing would have known him.  You might try Downing family members for info.  Keone Downing maybe or Georg Kapu.  Robbie Naish may have heard the name as Harold Ige(Iggey) worked for him.  Harold has passed, but Robbie may have heard Harold refer to the guy.  At this point you are going to have to rely on a few second hand sources. I know a couple of others that may be useful, but will get back to you with proper Hawaiian spelling of names.  Keep us informed on the progress of your book.  I would very much love to read some story.  I once got to sit and listen to some great stories from Uncle Rabbit on the beach at Queens as he held court with a few of his adopted nephews.  Lowel

 I know him pretty well, he’s my dad! Still kicking and still surfing but now living on the Mainland.